Ramadan Kareem to all my friends!

From the barakah of this month, May Allah guide us into straight path, forgive our sins and grant us heaven!

May Allah ease the sufferings of every innocent lives in wars, poverty and diseases!

May Allah grant everyone the true understanding of what true Islam is and help us live in peace and harmony!



♥ GlowRadiance Hydra Moisturizer – Review ♥


Promises to give you an uplifting, youthful and more radiant future with this moisturizing anti-stress cream that offers instant comfort for dehydrated skin. Indulge yourself with this super active cream, which is rich in pearl proteins and botanical ingredients that moisturize, soften and re-texture the skin.

  • Provides skin-softening effects
  • Contains extracts of liquorice, mandarin and white lily, vitamin C, and camellia oil

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♥ GlowRadiance Cellu Naturally Slim Capsules – Review ♥


Created for the elegant woman looking for a slimmer silhouette, this miracle-working capsule delivers exceptional weight loss results. CelluCellu’s unique blend of raspberry and green coffee extract helps to speed up your metabolism and suppress your appetite, leaving you with the beautiful body you deserve and desire.

  • Weight loss of 3-5kg monthly
  • Reduces cellulite and enhances firmness
  • Stimulates lipolysis (fat burning) and releases more of the level of adiponectin, which regulates glucose metabolism
  • Contains raspberry and green coffee extract

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♥ Luke Hydrogel Eye Patch for Wrinkle from Skin18 – Review ♥


This Luke Hydrogel Eyepatch Luke Hydrogel Eyepatch claims to reduce wrinkles and moisturize the eye area. Its supposed to be highly concentrated with Marine Collagen, Vitamin A, E and Aloe Vera. It also has extracts of kelp and chamomile for anti aging benefits, Q10 for increasing skin elasticity and Hydrogel for moisturization.

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♥ MAXON Atomax Cream – Review ♥


MAXON Atomax Cream is a rich, long lasting ‎moisturizing cream designed to ‎calm discomfort and irritation. It ‎is suitable for eczema, atopic and ‎other severely dry skin ‎conditions. It helps restore the ‎skin’s defense barrier and ‎reduce itching and works to ‎repair dry, cracked skin, and ‎creates a protective barrier to ‎prevent chafing. With regular ‎use, the skin becomes ‎smoother, softer and more ‎comfortable.‎ MAXON Atomax Cream is hypoallergenic, non ‎comedogenic and free of ‎parabens and fragrances.

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♥ Skin Care Products Review from Skin18 – Korea (Natural Beauty Skincare) ♥


Skin18 is a holy grail for all Korean Skincare Lovers. It houses different types of skincare products from various brands. They also have a freebies section where you only pay for the shipping and get the awesome chance to try out their samples. From time to time they hire bloggers, so if you are a blogger check out their Skin18 Reviewer Program for more info. After approval, count the days waiting for your package. 🙂 Continue reading

♥ Ramadan Kareem ♥

Ramadan Kareem 2016

♥ Abidha ♥