❤️ Applebees UAE – Review ❤️

The Rack Ribs in Korean BBQ sauce from Applebees is the kind that leaves you licking the bones! Continue reading


❤️ Hankook Korean Restaurant, Abu Dhabi – Review ❤️



My sister’s love for the Korean band BTS has made her so loyal to the country and it’s products that when I bought an IPhone for myself, after ages of using Samsung, she threatened to disown me!

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❤️Insta Cafe, Abu Dhabi – Review❤️


Last week a good friend of mine started a new food venture. So obviously I had to keep my diet plan away and go check it out. Continue reading

❤️ Green Chili & Cheese Soup – Recipe ❤️


This was an inspiration from many recipes I saw online. I tried to improvise with whatever ingredients available at home and it came out so good! So let’s get started.

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❤️ Nolu’s Downtown Restaurant in Galleria Mall, Abu Dhabi – Review ❤️

Nolu’s Downtown Restaurant in Galleria Mall, Abu Dhabi - Review

Last weekend we had a colleague’s day out. It was an all ladies day out. We picked Nolu’s Downtown to have lunch at! It’s a quiet and cozy restaurant at Galleria Mall, Abu Dhabi UAE. Continue reading

❤️ Easy Peasy Chicken Roast – Recipe ❤️

Easy Peasy Chicken Roast Recipe

It’s my hubby’s birthday today!! 🎉😊

I prepared this easy yummy Chicken Roast for dinner. It was a last minute decision so there was no marination and prepping time. Yet it came out tasting delicious. Please note you can customize the spices to your preferences, these were the ones I had in hand then. Continue reading

♥ Masala Chai – Recipe ♥

I drink Masala Chai a lot specially in winter.  Masala means ‘mixed spice’ and Chai means ‘tea’. I first learned about this tea when I visited a north Indian friend of mine. It was raining that day and her mom had made this delicious tea with piping hot pakodas! She said this was a tradition in their place during the rainy season. Continue reading