♥ Masala Chai – Recipe ♥

I drink this tea a lot specially in winter.  Masala means ‘mixed spice’ and Chai means ‘tea’. I first learned about this tea when I visited a north Indian friend of mine. It was raining that day and her mom had made this delicious tea with piping hot pakodas! She said this was a tradition in their place during the rainy season.

I fell so much in love with this tea. The warm and comforting feeling as you bite into the crispy pakodas and sip into this delicious tea is something! Just the scent of cloves, cinnamon and ginger from the tea is therapeutic. I guess this tradition came to existance as a way to prevent cold and flu during monsoons.

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♥ Botanical Detox Delight – Review ♥


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♥ Luqaimat (Arabic Dessert) – Recipe ♥


An emarati delicacy. It is served almost in every emarati parties and occassions and I love this! I tried getting a ready made mix from the store and prepare it but it did not taste good! Finally I got this recipe from a sweet emarati friend of mine! Do try it out guys! Its worth it! Continue reading

♥ Cauliflower Soup – Recipe ♥


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♥ Homemade Pizza Sauce ♥


After many trial and errors, I have got this pizza sauce recipe which I love. After this, I don’t like the store bought ones. Not that they are bad but I really love this more. Some recipes calls for cooking the sauce for hours, but this one is ready in maximum 1 hr ( that is including the preparation time as well). Continue reading

♥ Eggplant and Potato Salad ♥

I am back with a recipe post today. A friend of mine shared this salad recipe with me and I absolutely loved it. I felt this should not be just kept in the household and should be shared with you all! It’s a very easy to prepare with few ingredients. Continue reading

♥ Mango Mint Lemonade ♥

Today I will share with you a refreshing drink I prepared during this hot summer and fasting months.

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