♥ GlowRadiance Cellu Naturally Slim Capsules – Review ♥


Created for the elegant woman looking for a slimmer silhouette, this miracle-working capsule delivers exceptional weight loss results. CelluCellu’s unique blend of raspberry and green coffee extract helps to speed up your metabolism and suppress your appetite, leaving you with the beautiful body you deserve and desire.

  • Weight loss of 3-5kg monthly
  • Reduces cellulite and enhances firmness
  • Stimulates lipolysis (fat burning) and releases more of the level of adiponectin, which regulates glucose metabolism
  • Contains raspberry and green coffee extract

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♥ Dry Brushing ♥ Elemis Body Detox Skin Brush – Review ♥

I have been wanting to write this for a long long time. For those of you who are new to this term, it is simply a method of brushing your body with natural bristle brush. Both the brush and your body should be dry. It is proven to getting rid of dead skin cells, promote tighter and toned skin, improve blood flow, improve the function of lymphatic system, aid digestion and weight loss.Skin is the biggest organ in your body. Dry brushing it helps it to stay clean, fresh, regenerate new cells and absorb creams or lotions you apply on skin well. Continue reading

♥ Oil Pulling – My Experience! ♥

Oil Pulling

You may have already heard about oil pulling! Discussions have been going on about this in the beauty and health industry for sometime now. For those of you who don’t know what’s oil pulling – it is a process where you swish and swirl oil around in your mouth for 15-20 minutes on empty stomach.

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♥ YaYa Vitamin C & Omega3 Supplement – Review ♥


Hope you are all having a wonderful day. Today I am going to do a different kind of review. It is on these supplements for children. It is meant to be for children above 2 years of age and adults as well. Continue reading

♥ Welcome to my new space! ♥

Hello Beautiful People!!

Welcome to my new space!

2014 was the busiest year I have ever had in my life! This time last year I became a mom and Alhamdulilah! He is a ‘notorious-beyond-belief’ Tod now! Lol! My life has changed up a lot and now I can’t imagine a life without him. It feels like he has always been with me! How did I even survive without all this craziness?? Continue reading

3rd Trimester with Baby #1

3rd trimester started with me banning sugar from my diet. Doctor advised me to buy a sugar testing device at home so that I can monitor the level myself than visiting hospital every time. That really helped and I made up my mind to get over my laziness and start being physically active! Continue reading

2nd Trimester with Baby #1

When my second trimester started I wanted to kill the ladies who said all symptoms would vanish after 1st trimester. I was still vomiting that yellow stuff occasionally, heartburn did not want to leave me and I was still all lethargic and tired. Continue reading