❤️ Your attitude makes difference ❤️

You can complain that roses have thorns, or you can rejoice that thorns have roses. – Zig Ziglar.

It’s surprising how our reaction to a certain aspect can change up the whole outlook. Continue reading


Is hurting kids to keep them quiet religious?


When I was invited to a religious class timed to end way past my son’s bed time, I tried to skip it but was forced to attend to make THE ELDERS happy! Continue reading

India – A safe land for Criminals!

Presentation1How many more lives are to be sacrificed before the Indian government would finally open their eyes? From Nirbhaya to Sawmya to Jisha and every other men, women and child who were sexually abused and left to live without justice or murdered – how many more lives would it take? Continue reading

♥ Happy New Year 2016 & Announcement! ♥

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Building courage in children to raise voice when they are wronged! – Blog Action Day 2015!


When was the last time you stood up for yourself? How many people actually enjoy this right or muster enough courage to do it? Why after reaching well into your adult age, you still find it difficult to speak up for yourself?  Continue reading


Mesothelioma – An awareness of this deadly disease!

Last week I got in touch with Cameron Von St. James. He is a blogger and an advocate for mesothelioma awareness. His wife, Heather is a 9-year survivor of mesothelioma. Now that Heather is doing well, she and Cameron are on mission to spread awareness of her disease. With Mesothelioma Awareness Day coming up on 26th September I was more than ready to support them.

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