Macadamia Natural Oil Products – Review

Macadamia Natural Oil Products - Review

The Macadamia Oil is a much hyped brand in hair industry. I went ahead to give this a try. I bought their shampoo and conditioner from ‘Ultra Rich Moisture’ line for very coarse coiled hair. Since I have curly coarse frizzy hair I naturally sensed this is the perfect one. I also bought their famous Deep Repair Masque and Nourishing Leave-in cream. All in all the set of products that promised to tame my frizzes and make them manageable. Continue reading


♥ The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask – Review ♥


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♥ GlowRadiance Hydra Moisturizer – Review ♥


Promises to give you an uplifting, youthful and more radiant future with this moisturizing anti-stress cream that offers instant comfort for dehydrated skin. Indulge yourself with this super active cream, which is rich in pearl proteins and botanical ingredients that moisturize, soften and re-texture the skin.

  • Provides skin-softening effects
  • Contains extracts of liquorice, mandarin and white lily, vitamin C, and camellia oil

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♥ Luke Hydrogel Eye Patch for Wrinkle from Skin18 – Review ♥


This Luke Hydrogel Eyepatch Luke Hydrogel Eyepatch claims to reduce wrinkles and moisturize the eye area. Its supposed to be highly concentrated with Marine Collagen, Vitamin A, E and Aloe Vera. It also has extracts of kelp and chamomile for anti aging benefits, Q10 for increasing skin elasticity and Hydrogel for moisturization.

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♥ MAXON Atomax Cream – Review ♥


MAXON Atomax Cream is a rich, long lasting ‎moisturizing cream designed to ‎calm discomfort and irritation. It ‎is suitable for eczema, atopic and ‎other severely dry skin ‎conditions. It helps restore the ‎skin’s defense barrier and ‎reduce itching and works to ‎repair dry, cracked skin, and ‎creates a protective barrier to ‎prevent chafing. With regular ‎use, the skin becomes ‎smoother, softer and more ‎comfortable.‎ MAXON Atomax Cream is hypoallergenic, non ‎comedogenic and free of ‎parabens and fragrances.

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♥ Skin Care Products Review from Skin18 – Korea (Natural Beauty Skincare) ♥


Skin18 is a holy grail for all Korean Skincare Lovers. It houses different types of skincare products from various brands. They also have a freebies section where you only pay for the shipping and get the awesome chance to try out their samples. From time to time they hire bloggers, so if you are a blogger check out their Skin18 Reviewer Program for more info. After approval, count the days waiting for your package. 🙂 Continue reading

♥ April Glambox Middle East 2016 – Review ♥


Time to show you guys what I got in my April Glambox! We have a mix of exciting beauties this time! Let’s dig in! Continue reading