❤️ Your attitude makes difference ❤️

You can complain that roses have thorns, or you can rejoice that thorns have roses. – Zig Ziglar.

It’s surprising how our reaction to a certain aspect can change up the whole outlook. Continue reading


❤️ Applebees UAE – Review ❤️

The Rack Ribs in Korean BBQ sauce from Applebees is the kind that leaves you licking the bones! Continue reading

❤️ Ice Cream art using Tissues – Craft Time ❤️

img_7683.jpgJust when I decided to dust up my love for art and craft, I came across @craft.set.go (instagram account) doing this wonderful weekly themed activity to get your brains working!

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❤️ The Art of Modest Styling ❤️


For the love of Maxi Dresses! Finding that perfect dress you have been dreaming for eons is an achievement! Modest fashion doesn’t come easy. Why? Read on… Continue reading

❤️ Hankook Korean Restaurant, Abu Dhabi – Review ❤️



My sister’s love for the Korean band BTS has made her so loyal to the country and it’s products that when I bought an IPhone for myself, after ages of using Samsung, she threatened to disown me!

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Is hurting kids to keep them quiet religious?


When I was invited to a religious class timed to end way past my son’s bed time, I tried to skip it but was forced to attend to make THE ELDERS happy! Continue reading

❤️Insta Cafe, Abu Dhabi – Review❤️


Last week a good friend of mine started a new food venture. So obviously I had to keep my diet plan away and go check it out. Continue reading