Macadamia Natural Oil Products – Review

Macadamia Natural Oil Products - Review

The Macadamia Oil is a much hyped brand in hair industry. I went ahead to give this a try. I bought their shampoo and conditioner from ‘Ultra Rich Moisture’ line for very coarse coiled hair. Since I have curly coarse frizzy hair I naturally sensed this is the perfect one. I also bought their famous Deep Repair Masque and Nourishing Leave-in cream. All in all the set of products that promised to tame my frizzes and make them manageable. Continue reading


❤️Hijab doesn’t make us different – live and let live! – World Hijab Day ❤️

Today is World Hijab Day founded by Nazma Khan and I wanted to share my experience with being a hijabi. Continue reading

♥ Modest Fashion Apparel from Desert Cove – Review ♥


Long Line Burgundy Top from Desert Cove – a Modest Fashion Apparel

Modest style has always been my thing! Finding modest fashionable apparel was a difficult chore since my teens! It was always mixing, matching and layering until I could reach the goal! When the modest fashion became a trend a number of brands popped up but I always found most priced so high! Continue reading

♥ The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask – Review ♥


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♥ Love Yourself Campaign by BTS – #ENDviolence ♥


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♥ Jumanji : Welcome To The Jungle – Review ♥

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♥ Motherhood Update – Pre-schooler’s Mommy! ♥

Time just flies by!

Alhamdulilah! I still can’t believe I am a mother of a 3 years old! Deep inside I still feel like a college girl (though my body is kind enough here to remind me otherwise)! Lol! In no way am I feeling like a have-it-all-under-control type of mother. I have made my share of mistakes, been judged mercilessly and body shamed! Today, I am participating in this Campaign by Honest Company to spark positive, supportive conversation about motherhood moments. Continue reading