About Me

Hi there!


This is Abidha Basheer & welcome to my humble space!

I’m an Indian Keralite residing in Abu Dhabi – U.A.E. I have always believed in ‘sharing is caring’ which is why I became a blogger to share my experiences in different areas of the life with you.

Being a simple and down-to-earth person, I have never been very materialistic in heart! Growing up with basic privileges we were always taught to make most of what we had and make happy memories! I didn’t realize this until recently.

I love helping people out with what I know which is why I became a blogger. After sometime I became very materialistic and shopaholic! When my cabinet was full of products (of same type) it got overwhelming. There was no way I could use it all up within, forget a month, even a year. With our small living space, dedicating a whole wardrobe for my stash was out of question. I started feeling all overwhelmed and couldn’t figure out why I was losing motivation. It was when I discovered Minimalism and KonMari method I realized how all the clutter was demotivating me. I started the process of decluttering and shopping less. Even when brands wanted to collaborate with me, I felt comfortable doing one product at a time and accepted only those which suited me.

Being a nature lover and becoming a mother made me more aware about the products I use. Most of us are not aware about the ingredients in the products we use or the harm it causes to our environment.

I started out my journey into better living and wish it inspires you too! I have still long way to go but every step counts towards a better tomorrow! When you guys message me on how you find my posts helpful or inspiring it gives me immense pleasure!

Thank you for your support and motivation!

Wishing you all great health and happiness!

God Bless!

♥ Abidha Basheer ♥

Disclaimer: Kindly note I am not a professional beauty/health expert, stylist or chef! All opinions here are from my own experiences. This does not mean you might also experience the same. So take your skin and health conditions into consideration and consult your doctor if you are allergic or sensitive to any product or food stuff before deciding to try it out what I blog on.


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