♥ Luke Hydrogel Eye Patch for Wrinkle from Skin18 – Review ♥


This Luke Hydrogel Eyepatch Luke Hydrogel Eyepatch claims to reduce wrinkles and moisturize the eye area. Its supposed to be highly concentrated with Marine Collagen, Vitamin A, E and Aloe Vera. It also has extracts of kelp and chamomile for anti aging benefits, Q10 for increasing skin elasticity and Hydrogel for moisturization.


US$24.00 for 10 pcs (currently on sale for US$12.00)

Available at?


My Experience

I was send a pair of patch for trial and review. The patch has a jelly like feeling on the inside which sticks to your eyes. Outer area is a soft fabric. It stuck well and stayed put. It did not have any liquidy feeling.


You need to wash and pat dry the skin before applying the patches. Leave it on for 30minutes and remove. There is no need to wash after this, you can carry on with your normal skincare routine.


I really wanted to like this product but sadly I was left confused. It just felt like a sticker frankly. As I said there is no liquidy or serumy feeling when you remove the patch frm its cover. I was wondering how this would work and applied it on anyway. After removing, there was no residue or anything left on skin. The skin felt cool from the coldness of the jelly like area inside, but other than that I did not feel any moiturizing effect.

Hate to say this, but this did not work for me!


The ‘Wow’ factor

  • Sticks on well
  • Covers the eye area well
  • Cheap

The ‘Ugh’ factor

  • Did not feel moisturizing

Recommend it?


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♥ Abidha Basheer ♥

Note: This product was given to me for review purposes but all opinions are 100% my own.


Love to read your feedback, enquiries and opinions. Leave them down here and I will get back to you asap! Good Day!

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