♥ Jacobinte Swargarajyam – Movie Review ♥


My rating: ★★★★★

I am really proud with the way Malayalam movies are coming out these days. Different subjects, different stories, different ways of storytelling, concentrating on real and simple lives of people than extravagance, muscle show and skin show!

At one point Malayalam movies were all about one super hero with a big heart, who can fight 20 people in one go and get away with girls of their daughter’s age! That concept is now changing to show men and woman in human form with no extra ordinary powers and leading ordinary lives! You can feel the story is about one among us.

This is my first time doing a movie review but I felt a strong urge to write this. From the picture or if you have seen the trailer, you’d know this is a family story. Directed by Vineeth Sreenivasan, this movie is based on a real life story of a business man in Dubai. He is a successful business man yet gives credit of this success to his employees. He is shown to be an excellent leader in every sense.

Being a successful man, he still keeps his family first and loves them immensely. He believes his family is his kingdom of heaven on earth which is what swargarajyam means. His friendly and understanding nature with his children and not being afraid to accept his mistakes in front of them is something every parent must take a note of.

Problem sets in when economic crisis hits Dubai during 2013-14. He keeps his faith and deals with the situation well until a client cheats him and absconds with a huge amount of money. He is left with huge debt to many investors. He decides to travel to Liberia to sell whatever is left of his business to repay the debt. He gets stuck there with one of his investors filing case against him.

His wife and eldest son, Jerry is left with rest of siblings to deal with the situation. Not the ones to accept defeat and run away, they decide to stay on and fight. How they go through the downs in life, struggle on to repay investors and bring their father back form the rest of the story.

Nivin Pauly as Jerry has done a good job to show the emotions of transitioning from a happy go guy to a man who is suddenly struck with the responsibility of saving his whole family. The confusion and feeling of helplessness is emoted well by him.

Renji Panicker was an excellent choice to play Jacob. He is an amazing actor who can mould himself to play any character from a loving father to a villain. He does an excellent job in this movie as successful business man and a loving family man. With all his lifelong success coming crashing down, the fear he has for the future of the family is shown amazingly. You feel that choking throat in you as he talks.

Lakshmy Ramakrishnan as Shirley, the wife of Jacob and a loving mother to her children can be called as the leading lady of this movie. Giving her family the hope they need and standing in to support them without falling apart and crying – the real Shirley is surely an inspiration. With her husband stuck in Liberia and left alone to deal with huge debt, she doesn’t sit lamenting or cursing at the downfall of her family life instead becomes her son’s biggest support system. Big hug to this woman!

Sreenath Bhasi, Aima Sebastian and Stacen does very well in their roles as the younger siblings of Jerry. Sreenath Bhasi has done well as a difficult teenager who inspite of being rebelious, loves his family. Aima as a bubbly loving sister makes you smile everytime you see her. Stacen as the youngest brother gives a lively feeling and laughter with his witty dialogues. Reba Monica John as Chippy, lover of Jerry doesn’t have much role but is a refreshing new face. She did well in her small role.

Ashwin Kumar in the kind of negative role also does excellent job. You can’t help but sympathize with his situation as well.

Like all his movies, Vineeth Sreenivasan comes in when you least expect it and does very well to leave you with a smile. Aju Varghese, a favorite humour hero in Kerala also comes in unexpectedly and brings a nice humour element. Sai Kumar, T.G.Ravi and Dinesh Prabhakar in supporting role do a good job at showing various emotions of expatriates in U.A.E.

Overall, this movie leaves you with lots of positivity to fight on in life. Being positive, not hurting other’s on your way to success and caring for people under you is what really gets you to the top eventually – it’s not always the money or power! That message is clearly conveyed by their life. Jacob was a kind man and who never let his money make him blind. He did not treat people under him as a means to get his work done but let them grow with him as well. Simple actions of him giving tips to his watchman, trolley boys, guy cleaning his car and enquiring about their families show his big heart. All this comes back to him when he is in need!

This is a must watch especially in a time when families are falling apart, this movie stands out with the clear message – your family is your kingdom of heaven!

♥ Abidha ♥


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