India – A safe land for Criminals!

Presentation1How many more lives are to be sacrificed before the Indian government would finally open their eyes? From Nirbhaya to Sawmya to Jisha and every other men, women and child who were sexually abused and left to live without justice or murdered – how many more lives would it take?

To people who blame ladies for these rapes going on – on their dressing, lifestyles and culture? Where would you place Jisha now? She wasn’t out in tiny clothes partying and all. She was in her house! Where would you place that 2 months old baby who was raped and killed? Oh yes, maybe she was dressed just in her pampers and that is what most probably provoked the rapists, right?? How is it not the fault of rapists at all? Left to roam freely or have a luxury life in jail – why are the rapists rewarded this way? Aren’t those sitting in the government humans? Don’t you too have families too? How long do you think it would take before these happen to you? People are no longer safe in their own houses you dumbos!! Oh yes, you guys have security guards and cameras and most importantly a house to lock in well.

Poor Jisha did not have that basic privilage – a proper shelter! God knows how they fed themselves!

Perumbavoor is my mother’s homeland. Jisha’s mother was a daily wager. She was maid in my aunt’s house for sometime when she delivered a baby. My uncle remembers Jisha coming home with her mom one day. Those rapists walking freely are not far from my family now – nor yours!

When we heard about Delhi rape cases, we said we will not go there, it’s not safe! And now as the rapists are spreading their rule all over India, where are we to go? Lock our children and ourselves in the home and sit?? How long are we just going to run away from problems? When will this attitude change? People are killed for doing love marriages, eating beef, not giving dowry and what not??! What is this with India??!!


I remember a dialogue from a malayalam movie called Amar Akbar Anthony where the Police officer lets people beat the rapists of children to death and say “We Police officers struggle to catch these criminals, bring them to court and finally put them in jail for what? Fatten them by feeding them chicken and mutton? There are many in jail like them. Criminals who can do such to a child should be punished this way only. The public to punish them”.


It’s another truth that most of our brilliant and sincere police officers give in evrything to catch these criminals and bring them to light. After that all that effort goes to waste when these criminals are just to jail and the same police officers have to serve them like hotel staff!!

Govindachami from 2011 Sowmya rape and murder case. See how healthy he looks from his luxury stay in jail!

I was really moved to see the following facebook post by the Ernakulam district collector when he went to visit Jisha’s mother.

When government have no guts to create proper law, public should take action. I would personally have refused to vote anymore if I was in India. Each time people vote thinking atleast this person might bring a change. But nothing happens!! What better way than refusing to vote for the injustice we suffer!

A good friend of mine from Pakistan commented on a facebook post I shared about Jisha. She was furious why everybody came out supporting a single lady while nobody was supporting the Kashmir women raped by some Indian armies. I would like to take this opportunity to say my support is not based on where the victim or rapists are from, what gender they are, what religion they follow nor what caste they are from. Every individual has basic rights and justice. Some crimes are well hidden and doesn’t come out than the others. That is the impact media has on public. Just like fashion, there are trends when one news is making headlines and then dies off when the next trend setter news comes out!

For now news of Jisha is everywhere and I hope it doesn’t die out due to elections!! There are 100s who are not given justice because their case didn’t get this public notice. So this publicity seems like the only way to earn justice now! Wow!

I cannot bring myself to think of the pain the victim went throught. A mother’s state seeing her child covered in pool of blood, then sending the body to be further cut open and investigated and then to hear devastating details like vagina slashed, intestines pulled out and what not!!!

Shouldn’t the devils who did this be given a taste of the same pain?? Once the criminals are caught with all witness and proofs pointing to them, what is left to be questioned and investigated further in the court than give them death penalty instantly!?? Why should they even have the right to defend themselves??


I dread for the safety of myself, my family and every people out there who just wants to live their life peacefully and die seeing their children in a happy place! Is this too much to ask for??

– Abidha –


4 thoughts on “India – A safe land for Criminals!

  1. It’s really tragic, what all is happening in India right now!. I dread picking up the newspaper because each day there is new rape case, murder etc. These people can’t be called humans. They are monsters. It’s really unbelievable that people can be so downright cruel. Can’t believe that guy had a luxury life in jail. He looks plump now. How can this be??.


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