♥ MAXON Ultra Care Shampoo – Review ♥


 MAXON Ultra Care Shampoo provides hair with gentle, natural care and helps restructuring, conditioning and restoring hair’s natural look. It contains PAnthenol and Wheat Microprotein which repairs hair cuticle. Also contains Chitosha that forms a thin layer protecting hair shaftmaking it softer and stronger.


AED 60 for 200ml

Available at?

Available at various pharmacies across UAE.

My Experience

This shampoo comes in a tube. It has a whitish liquid consistency, hence it has tendency to leak. The tube is sealed when purchased. But once the seal is peeled off and I open the tube to use I can see little product already on the lids. So this might not be very travel friendly once opened.

As usual I mix the shampoo with little water before appying it to scalp. I don’t bring shampoo directly to the length of my hair because its already very dry. Just while rinsing off, I allow the shampoo to glide off the ends.

The shampoo lathers well, not too much. The scent is quite nice – not anything specific and doesn’t linger on. It did a fairly good job for my dry hair. Its not over drying like commercial shampoos but I still have to follow up with a conditioner.

It will suit normal to oily haired girls well. But for my hair, I would prefer something more gentle.

The ‘Wow’ factor

  • Cleanses hair well
  • Pleasant scent
  • Lathers and washes off well.

The ‘Hugh’ factor

  • A little drying for my hair, have to follow up with conditioner.
  • Not travel friendly, you might have to switch it to a bottle dispenser or carry a new sealed one.

Recommend it?

This will really suit normal to oily haired girls well.

Rate It!

★★★★☆ – 4 outta 5!!!

♥ Abidha Basheer ♥


Love to read your feedback, enquiries and opinions. Leave them down here and I will get back to you asap! Good Day!

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