♥ October Recap – 2015 ♥


As usual I can’t beleive how fast time is flying ans we are already at the end of October. Like seriously 2015 is ending! How did that even happen?!

Alhamdulilah! This month was full of activities. I had a small hangout with my sister at Al Wahda Mall. This is the chance we use to try out new restaurants, beauty stuffs and attires. This time we checked out the Fashion Cafe. It looked all very elegant and posh. We ordered for a Lava Cake and Pina Colada. It was really delicious. Each costed around 20-25AED.





Rahua introduced two new products in UAE – a dry shampoo and a hair spray. I was glad to attend the event and meet one of the founders Mr.Majeed. He was very humble and well-versed in this field.



I made this new planner for myself. The previous planner I made is small for my needs now so I created an A5 size one. Bought the 2-hole punch file from Daiso and printed the planner printable from scatteredsquirrel.com. It’s still under construction but I’m loving how it has turned out. I am planning to invest in a good planner once I feel successful in being well-organized in life.

20151102_142836 20151102_142853 20151102_142909

 I got to meet up with some of my friends this month and it was a nice time spend with them and their kiddos. I also had a dubai trip with hubby and son for a hotel stay,  meeting up with some friends and watching movie. I took this oppotunity to get myself a facial from Shahnaz Husain Siganture Salon. You can read all about it here. It was a very relaxing and pleasant experience.


Finally, this month we had the Indian Islahi Islamic School Alumni Meet Up. This is the school I studied from KG and I was so happy to meet up with so many people from the school. The seniors, juniors and teachers! We all became kids once again dancing, singing, howling and clapping at events!! It was a fun filled event!

How did your month go? I’m gladly waiting for the winters to set in. In Sha Allah May you all have a funfilled, healthy and blessed times ahead!


Love to read your feedback, enquiries and opinions. Leave them down here and I will get back to you asap! Good Day!

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