♥ September Recap 2015 ♥


This was not an easy month to deal with emotionally! One after the other we had to hear a lot of tragic news! Starting up with the body of a small Syrian boy washed up to the shore, refugees begging to be given a safe living, the crane accident in Makkah, stampede in Mina, martyrs in Yemen and the sudden passing away of Sheikh Rashid bin Mohammed.

Some deaths were out of our hands but some were preventable. A sense of guilt creeps inside. I am happy to see people coming out to help the ones in need, doing what they can! God bless all their souls and give peace to the grieving families. Ameen

Another news that angered me was the news of a boy named Ahmed arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school to show his teacher. How long is this racism gonna prevail!? and that too on children!! I am happy to see many people came out in his support which included the American President Barack Obama, NASA and Microsoft! Proof that humanity still exists!



We visited my sister-in-law and family this month. It was a fun trip. We went to the beach where there were mangroves growing. It weather was pleasant and we all enjoyed some beautiful time there.


My SIL took me to a tent where they were selling beautiful abayas! I had my hubby shooting daggers at me warning me not to buy anything because I just empied his pockets with my dress shopping spree in India 😉 My SIL was so sweet to corner him out and buy me one. I wore this for Eid! 🙂 😀

Eid was a quiet affair with my uncle visiting us. He is a good cook and this time we made Thenga Chor (Coconut Rice) and Mutton Curry. I don’t have picture of the curry because it was too too good that we all digged in! Only after finishing did we realize we forgot to click piks!! 😉

thenga chore

We went to Khalifa Park in Abu Dhabi and had some nice time there. The weather is starting to cool so its nice time to spend evenings in the parks and beach now.


Hope you all had a great Spetember! Happy October buddies!!

♥ Abidha Basheer ♥


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