♥ September Favorites 2015 ♥


Good day people!! Here I am yet again with another monthly favorites post!

Beauty Faves

The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion (click to visit their website)

This is a great product guys! It’s not the full coverage kind product but I don’t like too much perfection either. It gives a light to medium coverage, a healthy look to skin and stays put!

Skin & Hair care Faves

Izil Beauty Pure Argan Oil (click to visit their website)

I’m loving this new addition in my skin care routine. It is fast absorbing, makes your skin supple and soft overtime and suits oily skin.

L’oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil – Oil Replacement (click to visit their website)

I have been using this like crazy. It reduces my frizz to 50% and helps manage my hair easily.

Mom n Baby Faves

Izil Beauty Pure Argan Oil (click to visit their website)

I also use this on my son’s body and hair after his bath. I use this along with Palmer’s Baby Body Lotion.

Ella’s Kitchen Big Smiles Cheesy Pie with Veggies (click to visit their website)

My son loves this! When we are out shopping or travelling, and I run out of snacks I bought or take more time than expected I buy this for him. It is said to be 100% organic and free of preservatives. I haven’t tried any other product from this brand but would love to.


Movie Faves

Chandrettan Evideya (click to read more about the movie)

I was hating this movie in the beginning for showing mid-life crisis with a negative air and supporting extra marital affair but then in the end the way the ended the movie just touched my heart! It shows how bad friends can manipulate a good person, how true and sincere love wins above everything and how you shouldn’t blindly believe & follow astrology. If you have a loving and supportive family, there is nothing else you need!! Never take them for granted!!

I love this dialogue in the movie where the wife of the actor tells his girlfriend, For dancers and artists they can change costumes and roles. But for a wife it is one role and lifelong act, which is not easy to change as costumes and to sustain it, requires love and care of a husband!”


Song Faves

Boshret Kheir (click to watch the song)

Man!! I love this song soooo much! My hubby introduced me and my son to this and now we can’t stop dancing to it!!

Mukkathe Penne (click to watch the song)

Love love love the lyrics of this song! It shows the lover’s feeling for his girl than objectifying her body and singing about it!

♥ Abidha Basheer ♥


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