♥ Botanical Detox Delight – Review ♥


I was really delighted to get the opportunity to try this detox diet. Doing a detox diet once in a while is very beneficial to the body. Especially when we are having unhealthy eating habits, job stress and living in toxic environment where we ingest contaminenets through food, water, air, clothing, household cleaning products and cosmetics without noticing it. You can do it by fasting, raw food dieting and exercise.

So the detox diet I got to try out was the Botanical Delight from detox-delight.ae. It was delivered in a thermocol box filled with ice.


This meal is entirely vegan and is gluten, dairy, sugar and salt free. It does not contain preservatives, artificial colors and flavor enhancers. This is an daily diet for those who choose to continue with the detoxing therefore the menu changes daily. Below is the menu I received.


I also got this complimentary yummy Energy Balls made from sunflower seeds, coconut flakes, raw cocoa, cinnamon, dates, lucuma, maple syrup and salt. I finished it then and there while reading detoxing instructions! 😉 It was so delicious!


 The instructions menu lists came in this plastic zip bag.


They had this snack tips in case I got too hungry and also details about symptoms that might occur during the diet and what to do about it.


I also got this super cute scoopy loops!



Next morning I was all set to start my diet. I am a big breakfast person! I can’t even think straight without having breakfast forget working!  So I was doubtful how I would survive with a juice! So I packed an apple and some walnuts as per snacking tips to work. Surprisingly the Chocolate Mint shake was really filling! The quantity was also apt to keep you filled for long. I couldn’t finish it all at once. I started drinking at 6.30 and finished it at 8.30! I did not feel hungry again until 11! See! It’s that filling! You can mainly taste the cocoa and mint here.


Around 11, I had 5-6 walnuts and started with the Pink Juice! This was so delicious! It was refreshing and berrylicious! Again I couldn’t drink it all at once. I finished it around 2pm.



I had my lunch at 3pm which was this delicious Thai Pad Salad with curry coconut sauce. It was yummy and filling.


20150921_150128 20150921_150229

Around 5pm I started to feel hungry again and started drinking the green detox juice. You can definitely feel the spinach here but its not bad at all. My son was drinking from it too! We both finished drinking it around 6.30 😉



Around 7pm I started feeling hungry again and had an apple. I was getting a slight headache too but because I read the instructions, I knew this was normal. I had more water and the headache went away after a while.

At 8pm I had my dinner. This time it was Mediterranean inspired Parsley and quinoa tabbouleh. It also had tomatoes, mint, pine nuts, lemon juice, olive oil and salt. It was really filling guys – I had half of it then ate the rest about an hour later.




I feel so happy that I could complete my diet successfully. I never thought I could really survive it till the end. Except for headache, I did not have any other problem. My body felt fresh throughout the day. I really like this idea of detoxing. If every month I could keep 3 days to detox my body this way, it would do wonders to my health and body. I suggest you all give detoxing a try too.

The only downside I would say about this whole thing is it could be expensive. This diet for one day costs AED570/-. They use the best of fruits and veggies and deliver it to you at your door step with all the freshness and quality intact, so hence the price. The prices vary according to each diet package. You can also check out their website for more options that are priced less or take a little time for your self and all this can be done at home too.

And remember, the cost you’d pay now to lead a healthier life is far better than spending a lifetime fortune for diseases later!

♥ Abidha Basheer ♥

About Detox-Delight:

Detox Delight offer a Home Detox Delivery Service available nationwide in the UAE. More than a juicing company, Detox Delight also offer Wedding Detox, Charcoal Beauty Shots, Flex Pack, Ramadan Delight and many other healthy options. Detox Delight is the UAE’s first detox delivery service, which brings wellbeing directly to consumer’s doorsteps. Detox Delight’s focus is on a natural, nutrient-rich diet that supports the self-purification powers of the body. Offering a variety of juice, food and snack options, Detox Delight is more than just a weight loss/management programme, it is a holistic approach to the long-term improvement of nutrition and thus metabolism and well-being. Their products are designed for people who, despite their demanding professional, private and social lives, don’t wish to neglect their well-being. For more information visit www.detox-delight.ae.




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