♥ August Recap 2015 ♥

recap augThe biggest highlight of this month was my trip to India. It has been six years I have had a long vacation like this in India. I thought I was going to have a relaxing vacation but naah…..forget relaxing once you have a baby and completely forget peace of mind when you have bunch of relatives waiting to be heartbroken and wail if you don’t visit them all.

My energy levels were all time low from all the travelling. My son adjusted well to the new environment at first. Then he fell sick. After being sick he became so fussy that proved the following days horrible for me. He didn’t want to eat nor drink nor sleep nor bath. Add that with the comments of people on how I should have been more careful to prevent him from getting sick. Like how can people make such comments to an already worried mom?!

Still there were people who genuinely helped me than just stand there and comment. My sister – can’t thank her enough for being there at every moment I needed. She had cousins and friends to go out and enjoy with but she chose to stay back and help me. Love her to bits.

Most part of the vacation my husband was not there, but once he came half of my worry was over. My son was really missing him I guess because he was less fussy after daddy joined us.

My dad, mom and brother had always guests or relatives to attend to but still I could count on them for any help I needed. Especially when we were out, I was so used to having a stroller and India is a place where strollers would serve no use. So I was finding it difficult to carry him for longer periods and the men of the house would help me with that. Problem arised when he fell sick and he wouldn’t go to anyone except me. Poor baby had no idea why all of a sudden he was feeling tired and pain. My hugs and feeding gave him most comfort.

On the positive note I enjoyed the rain in Kerala. It is such a beautiful experience to hear the splish splash of water – so peaceful and refreshing!


Most travellings were to visit relatives. Just 2 places we visited were the Bhoodhathankett and Thattekad Bird Sanctury in Cochin.

Bhoodhathankett is a natural dam (not human made) by large rocks. You can see large rocks on either side of Periyar river and narrow passage in middle. It has a mythical story to it which says they were made by the demons to flood the area but were not successfully able to complete the work. Reality is said to be that floods and landslides caused these large stones to roll down mountain and settle there. Whoever build it, the place is so green, fresh and beautiful. It’s worth the visit.


Walking to the Natural Dam! It was a great walk through the forest! My Dad and son is having a good time there! 🙂
when it started to rain! Absolutely blissful!
and these 2 thought it’s a great idea to go fishing in the rain! God be with them!!

 The bird sanctury is also worth a visit. We had bought bananas with us and were robbed by the little monkeys there. There is a small zoo there which has some animals caged. I hate to see these beings caged in small areas like that but the descriptions said they were rescued and treated, so I hope they are left free after their treatments.


The cute monkeys who had no shame stealing our bananas!

I loved the butterfly garden. I have never seen so many butterflies in my life!

Screenshot_2015-09-01-13-56-24 Screenshot_2015-09-01-13-56-41 Screenshot_2015-09-01-14-00-44

We were coming back before the Onam festival but my sister really wished to make the Pookalam or flower mat so our cousins joined in, collected flowers and made a beautiful pookalam.

under construction 😉
That’s the finished look 🙂

I was eager to buy the Fiama Diwills Gel Bar after watching numerous ads. I expected some real fruity scented bars but this had no hint of having any fruit in them. I bought the peach bar and it smelled nothing like peaches. Just a regular soap scent and does the work any soap would do. So my expectations were shattered there 😉


I also purchased the Lakme Iconic Kajal and Eyeliner. Will review it soon as I reach a final opinion!


By the end of my vacation I ended up getting food poisoning. I have to get this everytime. Anyway it was not very seious this time and I healed soon. Its just my son got cold, fever and cough after reaching here. Guess his body was already weak and he easily caught up with some viruse floating around! Alhamdulilah he is recoveing slowly now.

So that’s how my eventful August went by. Hope you all had great time.

♥ Abidha Basheer ♥


Love to read your feedback, enquiries and opinions. Leave them down here and I will get back to you asap! Good Day!

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