♥ Clarins Everlasting Compact Foundation with SPF 15 – Review ♥


Today I am going to review about a product I have been using for almost 2 years!! According to their website, “This is a high-performance foundation with an ultra-fine, silky-soft, wet and dry texture which guarantees flawless make-up for 15 hours non-stop. The complexion is luminous and even, fine lines and small imperfections are concealed. The skin is moisturized, supple and comfortable. Make-up colour remains fresh-looking and radiant all day long.”


The golden case comes packed in a glossy red box pakced in a gorgeous red velvet pouch. It contains two compartments inside for powder and sponge. Each case contains 10g of product.



AED200/- for 10g

Where did I buy?

Paris Gallery – Khalidiyah Mall (Also available in Sephora & Faces)


My Experience

The first time I used this was when a colleague gave me some samples of this product. Those were the days when I used just talc powder (Yes! You heard that right) on my face. Before that my aunt had once gifted me a compact from Lakme but that never stayed on my skin due to my oily T-zone area of my skin and I had to touch up often. So I had this notion that no products are ever gonna last on my skin so I never went ahead to buy compacts from any brand and just stuck with talc powder.


My colleague gave me some 50-55 sample sachets. I don’t have any pictures but on each sachet, it had like a thin layer of this compact powder. When I looked at it, I thought I might need at least 2 sachets to fill my face. But to my surprise, I needed only half of one sachet for my full face! I used a tissue to apply it then. It went on matte and gave good coverage which was enough to even out my skin. I kept the left over in my purse thinking to wear it when I needed touch up. I went on to check my face in the mirror by the time my face would normally end up oily. But again it amazed me! My skin looked dewy but not oily, which I liked. It looked so supple and healthy. I did not need any touch up until I decided to wash my face. You would think I am exaggerating, but those sample sachets lasted me for a year.

In between I happened to watch a makeup tutorial by Lisa Eldridge on YouTube. It was on Marilyn Monroe’s iconic makeup.

In that she talked about how Marilyn makeup artist would apply a layer of Vaseline on her face before makeup to bring a glowy seductive sheen look on her face. I was caught by this tip. I started researching about the uses of Vaseline and was amazed at how many things this balm can do. I also read it will not cause breakouts so I decided to give it a try. I also felt it would be a good base layer between your face and makeup so that the makeup wouldn’t have any adverse reaction on the skin.

Don’t fret! I did not apply a thick layer to look like a ball of oil. I would just dip my forefinger into the pot and take out a lentil sized amount, then I rubbed it between my fingers to warm it up and lightly dabbed it on to my face and eye area. After that I dusted my whole face with this compact foundation. And same way it went on matte and after sometime looked dewy, supple and healthy. The application of Vaseline did not break me out nor exaggerate my oiliness but it gave a nice finishing to the powder compact.

So when my sachets got over I was on the lookout for the full size of this product. My eyes popped out when I heard the price but I thought if the sachets lasted me a year, this would last me longer than that. So I went ahead and bought it in ‘Shade 112 – Amber’. I completed 2 years with that stuff even after using it almost daily. This is my second compact, so it is so worth the price. But this time I bought a lighter shade because the previous one was a little dark for me. This time I bought it in the sahde ‘108 – sand’.

With sponge applicator (I tried dry and wet) you get more product on the face and it gives more coverage. But I would go for such coverage only for functions and parties. Also while using sponge half of the product gets absorbed by the sponge itself. I use the Sigma Kabuki brush in F82. A light dusting is enough to give an even tone look and medium coverage. It gives such airbrushed finish to the skin.

The ‘Wow’ factor

  • Lightweight and gives natural matte finish when applied with a fluffy brush. On my oily skin it looks dewy after sometime but not oily. I personally love the dewy effect.
  • Contains SPF 15 – but I wouldn’t rely on it alone.
  • Works well with all skin types.
  • Did not break me out.
  • Long lasting.
  • Evens out skin tone.
  • Medium to Full coverage.
  • Highly pigmented so you need very little amount to work with.
  • No touch up required.
  • Sleek design and travel friendly

The ‘Ugh’ factor

  • Expensive.
  • Limited shades to choose from.

Recommend it? 

Yes!! This product will suit all skin types. I know the price is really high but it did last me extremely long time.

Rate It!

★★★★★ 🙂 🙂 🙂

Overall I absolutely adore this product!! Have you used this compact? Do let me know which brand you use and your opinions.

♥ Abidha Basheer ♥


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