♥ July Recap 2015 ♥

recap july

This was probably the busiest month in my whole life!

My mom left to India on vacation and all of a sudden I was the mom of the house. It really hit me hard core than I expected! Allah bless my mom! Man! how does she get it all done! This was huge! Office work, house work, baby and the other babies of the house (includes my hubby and dad) – it was seriously a testing time! It really helped me appreciate the value of my mom even more!

I am happy to have taken in all this effort so that she could go visit her aging parents. Its been almost 7 years she has spend quality time with them! She had all the right but she chose to stay back and take care of us and be patient with our financial situation! She is a daughter like me after all! I am missing her so badly already and I cannot bring myself to even imagine how much she must have missed them and felt lonely!

Ladies are never really given the value they deserve! I learnt that now! I remember being so overhwhelmed with work that I would cry! Yes! I would! It was worse when others wouldn’t value it and take it easy! Sometimes I just wanted someone to only apprciate what I was doing from heart! I wonder how many times Mom would have felt this way!

Though you feel you are doing all you can for your parents, its never never never enough! It will never be equal to what they have done for you! Alhamdulilah! I am thankful to have such great parents and I will continue to improve myself for them!


Anyhow, as I said the month was really busy for me! I am also leaving to India for vacation with my dad and sis so we had lots of shoppings and organizings to do! I did little shopping for myself as well! I am glad to finally go on a long vacation to my home country! I am little anxious about going with my son. It is his first time in flight as well as in India. Hopefully it will all go well! Wish me goodluck and you guys have a great time too!

♥ Abidha Basheer ♥

P.S: I will be on vacation until 29th August. So continue to read and support my blog. Do share your favorite posts. Please excuse me if I might not be able to reply to your emails and comments, I am not yet sure about my internet connection there! Takecare guys! XOXOXO


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