♥ July Favorites 2015 ♥

fav july

There ends another eventful month. Lets see what my favorites were in July!

Skincare Faves

  • MOROCCANOIL Black Moroccan Soap with Olive Oil : I have already done detailed review on this product. This is now an absolute favorite of mine.


Food Faves

  • Jallab : An Arabic drink made from dates, grapes and rose water. I really love this. Just have to mix the syrup with water and its ready. Traditionally pine nuts are added to the drink but I didn’t have any at hand.


  • Tamarindi : Another Arabic drink made from tamarinds. I love the slight sour taste it has got. Again you mix the syrup with water and have. (Excuse the pathetic background in photos. I am doing photo shoot in between packing for vacation).


Tried out some new recipes during this month of Ramadan. Adding my faves here:-

  • Cauliflower Soup


  • Eggplant & Potato Salad


  • Homemade Pizza Sauce


Mom & Baby Faves

  • Dettol Wipes: These are really handy. You never know when you are in a situation to clean up mess. It could be a poopy explosion, throw up, dirty tables and changing tables. These can be used on skin as well as to wipe down tables, chairs, toys and so on. It is a plus that it is antibacterial and helps to kill the germs.
  • I was recently organizing my son’s closet and getting rid of dresses that were small and stuff like that. Most of them were used only a few times before he grew outta of it, so I plan to give those away. But there were some dresses which were so dear to me that I decided to keep them. In Sha Allah maybe I can use it again if I am blessed! Just look at those dresses guys…How can I part with them??!

20150726_163003 20150726_163108 20150726_163221 20150726_163242 20150726_163258 20150726_163315 20150726_163340

YouTube Faves

  • Realistic Morning Routine by MyLifeAsEva: This was hilarious!!!
  • Garam Masala by Fousiya Faizal: This is a new find for me. I always wanted to learn to make traditional malabar foods. I am so glad I found Fouzia here, she is such a wonderful cook and shows variety of dishes almost daily! She talks in malayalam but she includes english subtitles and also has her own website where you will find the recipes.

Blog Faves

  • My experience in 25 years of Prostitution : I personally never support prostitution, whatever reasons you give to legalize it, it is eventually a degrading and hazardous profession. This post is really eye opening on how a lady recovered from being subject to prostitution and leads a normal life now. Hope this helps many people out there!
  • What to expect in months 1-5 in baby life by Chriselle Lim: I have been following Chriselle for sometime now. She recently had a baby and man! I was really dumb folded when I saw her’ and many other blogger’s glamorous mom baby piks and how they got back into shape so fast and stuff. This post kind of made me realize not to judge people through such pictures. All mothers go through rough phases. Even though situations could be different, we all sail the same boat. Kuddos to all mothers!!
  • 25 food storage tips: These ones are so informative!

Movie Faves

  • Premam : Such a simple and cute story on friendship, love and teenage to adult life pictured beautifully!


  • Inside Out : I loved this animated movie. It has a very realistic approach to the emotions of people. There’s lot to laugh and relate to.


  • Minions : A whole movie on minions! Be ready to laugh a lot!


Song Faves

  • Malare from Premam : Such a beautiful song guys!! It’s so touching!

So those are my July favorites. What were yours? Let me know in the comment section and Have a happy healthy August! 🙂

♥ Abidha Basheer ♥


Love to read your feedback, enquiries and opinions. Leave them down here and I will get back to you asap! Good Day!

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