♥ MOROCCANOIL Black Moroccan Soap with Olive Oil & Luffa – Review ♥


Today I am going to review the MOROCCANOIL Black Moroccan Soap with Olive Oil & Luffa. I have been using for some time. According to their website, ‘The original Black Moroccan soap with rich content of Olive oil to promote smooth and radiant complexion. This Soap softens the skin and gently removes skin toxins and layers of dead skin surfaces.’

‘Moroccan Luffa Extra Scrubbing is a completely natural skin care product which can be used at home or in beauty centers. With its fine fiber texture, Moroccan Luffa is just perfect for soft cleansing of the skin. Moroccan Luffa removes dead skin particles and stimulates blood circulation enabling your skin to breathe again normally. You can use Moroccan Luffa with Moroccan soaps, shower gels or normal soap. Moroccan Luffa provides complete skin care.’


AED 19/- for 1000ml Moroccan Soap

AED 5/- for the luffa




I bought this from Abu Dhabi Co-operative. I also found the smaller jars in Lulu Hypermarkets in Abu Dhabi.

My Experience

A colleague told me about this product. When I went to buy this, only the large jar was available. Since my friend gave very good review of this and the price of the product was amazingly budget friendly, I bought it. I bought the luffah separately. In the smaller jar, they provide luffa with the soap.

The soap looks like a balm but has very slippery consistency. It is light olive green in color and has the scent of olive oil. The luffa is like a glove you can insert your hand into. It is well textured to give your skin a good scrub.


If you read the directions to use, they say to just apply soap with luffah and massage for 5 minutes and rinse. I did that in the beginning and it was ok. My skin felt clean and soft. While washing off you would see the liquid blackish in color signifying dead cells washing away.

moroccoo moroco

When I told this to my friend, she told me this is not the way to use for deep cleansing. She advised me that I wash my body with hot water (just as hot as you can bear) to open up pores. Then apply the soap with hands and massage well for 2 to 3 minutes.


Then wash it all off and pat dry. Then take the luffah and start dry scrubbing your body. It is a little time consuming and you gotta put in some energy. But it was worth, you will see dead cells coming off your body. After all the scrubbing wash your body once again with normal water.20150724_125130

The whitish residue you see on the glove are the dead cells. Since hand is a small area you won’t see lot of dead cells here but while dong full body it’s a different scene! Make sure to use the glove dry.

You are left with clean and soft skin. You can go ahead do some body mask if you have more time or finish it off by applying your favorite moisturizer or oil and you are done!

You can see the hand on the right looks more scrubbed and smoothed after using Moroccan soap

The ‘Wow’ factor

  • Super duper budget friendly
  • Skin left soft after using.
  • Gets rid of dead cells
  • Ideal for a weekly or monthly SPA indulgence

The ‘Ugh’ factor

  • I wish I could find more of their products. Couldn’t find it in stores here nor is it available for online purchase.

Recommend it?

Yes! Try on a small area first to see your skin doesn’t have allergy to any ingredient in this product.

Rate It!

★★★★★ 🙂 🙂 🙂

♥ Abidha Basheer ♥


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