♥ Scholl Cracked Heel Repair Cream K+ – Review ♥


Most of us are guilty of ignoring our legs. They beg for our care and we barely notice it until the cracks start getting painful and the skin looks like a land affected with drought. Only then we would go ahead to do something about it and once the condition is slightly better, we forget our legs again! – and the cycle continues!

This process sound familiar to you? I used to take care of my legs like a dear toy until my marriage! Weekly pedicure (at home) and moisturizing was a must! After that I can blame the busy schedule, work and household chores but truthfully I just ended up being lazy and careless.

Recently my cracks deepened so bad that it hurt to walk (that’s how careless I got!). Only then did I notice the sad state of my legs and decided to give them some love! Other than the Pedicure, I purchased the Scholl Cracked Heel Repair Cream K+ to cure my painful cracks. It is said to show results within 3 days! This line tempted me into buying this stuff!
So, according to their website, Scholl Cracked Heel Repair Cream K+ contains Contains Active Repair K+, a clinically tested keratin-based ingredient. Keratin helps the natural renewal process of skin and creates a natural barrier for the faster repair of cracked skin. Visible improvements in just 3 days. Smooth and polished heels in 7 days.



Comes in a white and blue tube. The cream is white in color and has mild scent. Available in 120ml and 60ml tubes.


AED26.95 /-



Available at?

Any local supermarkets as well as pharmacies.

My Experience

I seriously love this product! It started showing results from the first day of application. I apply it mostly at night before going to bed. I felt the cracks all softened next morning of the first application. With daily use the cracks healed completely. As I have very dry skin I use this as a part of my bed time routine to keep cracks at bay.

It is directed to use this cream twice a day but it doesn’t absorb easily into the skin but by the morning the cream is all absorbed and feet looks so good! For this reason I use it only before going to bed. Still I have to get out to wash my hands because I have to feed baby in middle of the night. I tip toe to go to wash my hands so that I don’t slip on my heels. I don’t like wearing socks at night! I just like the feeling of cold air on my legs. I am one of those person who keeps their feet out of the blanket! 😉


The ‘Wow’ factor
  • Cracks softened from the first application. My pain from deep cracks was gone after 2 applications
  • Heels showed improvments in 3 days for sure.
  • Has soft scent.
  • Budget friendly.
  • Feet were well moisturized next morning.
The ‘Hugh’ factor
  • Doesn’t absorb fast so applying in the morning is difficult. But I really don’t mind this!

Buy again?

Definitely. It is a budget friendly product that shows results as promised. I would also like to try Herbline Essentials foot cream after reading Naznin’s review. Looks like a very good buy too.

Recommend it?
Yes, absolutely yes!

Rate It!

★★★★★ – Full Marks!!!

♥ Abidha Basheer ♥


2 thoughts on “♥ Scholl Cracked Heel Repair Cream K+ – Review ♥

  1. Oh what a lovely review. I am definitely gonna try this out. It’s great you are thinking about trying Herbline Essential’s foot cream. You will definitely love it!. I just ran out of it. So, I just might buy the Scholl one next since you gave it such a glowing review ♡

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