♥ Eggplant and Potato Salad ♥

I am back with a recipe post today. A friend of mine shared this salad recipe with me and I absolutely loved it. I felt this should not be just kept in the household and should be shared with you all! It’s a very easy to prepare with few ingredients.

You need:-

For Salad:-

2 medium Eggplants dized to cubes

2 medium Potatoes dized to cubes

The idea is to use equal amounts of both veggies.

Oil – to fry or bake.

For Salad Dressing:-

1 cup yoghurt

1 tbspn mayonnaise

1 clove garlic

salt – to taste


Soak the dized veggies in water mixed with turmeric and salt for 10 minutes. This is to clean vegetables, we do this with most veggies to get rid of dirt, chemicals and see it there are any worms in them. The salt and turmeric is said to bring these creatures out from their hideouts!This is somethig my mom taught me and I follow it always.

Next comes where you decide you you like to cook your veggies. The original version of my friend’s recipe says you fry both eggplants and potatoes. You can also choose to bake them. I did not want too much oil but my oven was out of order. So I decided to fry the eggplants and boil the potatoes. If you are boiling make sure not to boil it it mashes, it should be able to still retain shape. You can also shallow fry them. Anyway I leave this part completely to you. Either way it tastes great.

boil1 fry

Crush garlic and mix it with yoghurt, mayonnaise and salt.

Mix the veggies and arrange in a serving dish. Pour the dressing over and mix lightly. There it is. Your salad is ready.


Serve it cold or warm.

Give this a try and let me know how you like it. Share it with your friends too! Sharing caring after all.

♥ Abidha Basheer ♥


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