♥ June 2015 Recap ♥

june recap

What a month it has been! Alhamdulilah! It was eventful and busy!

It was my friend Aliya’s birthday and we surprised her at a friend’s house.aliya

My sweet sweet friend cum collegue Samah from Jordan gave me the surprise of my life when she made Mansaf (a traditional Jordanian dish) for my whole family. When she first told me about this I really wanted to try it out. She said she would make it some day and invite me home. Instead she and her sister made it for my whole family to take home and enjoy. Allah bless them and their family! Ameen!IMG-20150609-WA0032

I am a very big foodie and love exploring different traditional cuisines! I was so happy I got chance to taste Mansaf. It is a dish made from an arabic bread called shrak, rice, lamb and goat youghurt (jameed). It was so yummy. I am craving for even more now!

It was my birthday on 16th and my hubby bought home this gorgeous cake from Cake Gallery – Abu Dhabi. First time I tried a cake with pomegranate seeds! The combination of cream and pomagranate was yummy.mom

We were so greedy to jump into the cake that we forgot to click piks. 😉 It was only after cutting we remembered.

Next day in the office I was not at all prepared for what my friends had in store for me. There was this yummy chocolate cake from Eva Dolce – Abu Dhabi and my collegues gathered around me when I cut it. It was a really sweet gesture from all of them! It truly made my day! We see these faces 8-10hrs a day and it is always about work work work! So such a break and appreciation is really heart warming!IMG-20150616-WA0015

The extend my friends had gone to find gifts to my liking and make me feel special. The gifts are simple yet thoughtful. Their efforts really moved me!


The day was not over yet. Some of my friends outside work invited me to one of their houses and again celebration was in order. It was another memorable evening! I cut totally 3 cakes for my birthday this year! Will not forget that day!friends

They prepared really yummy dinner. All the dishes were finger licking good!

There was Neypathal, Appam, Ghee rice, Chicken Stew and Mutton Curry . All traditional keralite dishes!

My sister made me a beautiful card. It was so elegant and stylish. I loved it! She and my mom bought me a cute ring as gift!


Ramadan started on 18th. This time Ramadan is flying faster than ever. I can’t just figure out the days and nights passing by. In Sha Allah, I hope we all reap benefits of this Holy month!

I am trying to stay as healthy as possible this Ramadan. First 2 to 3 days we had all fried items and seriously we felt so lethargic and bloated. My sister and I tried to talk our family into going having lighter meals but they threatened to go on strike if there was no special items!! 😛 Indians love their food! Famous dialogue from our people when you try to talk them into healthy eating is:- ‘You are going to die anyway, so die eating what you love!!’ I won’t say I disagree to this 😉 but I prefer occassional indulgance only.

Not a healthy iftar 😉

Anyway we were not giving up that easily. We decided to make a plan to prepare a soup, a salad and just one or maximum two special or fried items for iftar daily. Since we are trying to also make it all delicious (not just healthy) no one is complaining. Our stomachs have been happy since. Following are the pictures from one day iftar – Cauliflower soup, Chana (cooked chickpea salad) and Egg Fry. Now that’s close to healthier iftar.Soup

Chana Egg

We were invited to an iftar party from our husband’s office. The ambience, the service and food was all very very good. We really had a good time with clicking selfies and chasing my son who was trying to sneak away. But all this joy was crushed when I saw the staff dumping the leftover food! I had to take my son for diaper changing and we were almost from the last people to leave. So by the time we were leaving the staff was clearing the dishes and buffet tables. There were trays of foods guests hadn’t touched. They were just dumping it. Long before I heard that the hotels could call the social service organization here and request them to collect the balance food. They would distribute it among the low income people and I thought all hotels and restaurants were following this.

iftar3 iftar4

But here I saw them dumping untouched food as such. Pictures of poverty striken children flashed through my memory. My sister couldn’t stand it and went and asked them if we could pack some food and take with us but they said it was against their policy! So dumping food was their policy! Excellent! This was the situation of one day, how much food gets wasted everyday like this! This is heights of ungratefulness! I was left compeltely miserable and helpless at this site! God be with all of us!

From my School Alumni we had iftar party. It was a very good meetup. Met up some of my classmates and seniors. We discussed on organizing iftar for the less fortunate people. A get together with such good intentions is a blessing!

iftar1 ifatr2 iftar3 iftar4

My mom and brother are leaving to India in July. I am really nervous. My sister and father will babysit my son while I am at work. I will be handling all household works and its kind of freaking me out already! How does mom get this all done? Allah bless her in abudance! Ameen

Hope I would survive this phase 😉

♥ Abidha Basheer ♥


3 thoughts on “♥ June 2015 Recap ♥

  1. Wow, Abi!. This is probably one of the best monthly recaps you have ever done. Masha Allah!. What a wonderful month you have had. You have some really great people in your life. When I saw the pic of Mansaf earlier, I guess on your Instagram, I thought it’s something I haven’t tried. But on reading it’s description here, I remembered that I have had it just once and yes it was delicious and quite heavy. God bless you, dear and may every month be just as awesome.

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