♥ May 2015 Recap ♥

Presentation1Time for a recap of May. After a short break I have started actively blogging again. I seriously missed blogging so much. Its a big source of motivation for me. I moved my blogging platform from blogger to wordpress. It took some time getting used to but I really like the results.

This month I did an Arabic course for 3 weeks. It was Level 1 for arabic language and I am so happy to have done it. I have gained a basic understanding of this language and wish I can learn more.

My sister organized a get together for her friends at home. We prepared my mom’s signature Chicken Macaroni and loads of snacks. They really had a great time (I guess 😉 ).


This month on my whole family has started this routine of drinking water with lemon, cucumber, giner and mint leaves soaked over night. It is said to cleanse body and help in weight loss. It is definitley helping with the digestion but about weight loss, it’s still early to comment!

Me and my sister had our School Ladies Alumni meet. It was fun to meet fellow schoolmates and we discussed a lot of future fun stuff to do. I have written a whole post about it here.


Finally my little sister passed her 12th CBSE exam with 91% marks! Masha Allah! She worked really hard and she totally deserved these marks. I had to get her a gift. Since long we both were dreaming of getting ourselves a pearl jwellery set. I took this chance to gift her one. I bought this beautiful set from Mikura pearls. It is simple and elegant, just like she wanted.

My sister is starting college soon so she wanted to do little shopping with me. Here are the cool stuff we bought from Carrefour:-


Some beauty and accesories purhcases by me from Abu Dhabi Cooperative:-


All in all it was a busy and eventful month. Alhamdulilah! Do drop in your comments and tell me how was May for you 🙂

Stay blessed and happy!

♥ Abidha Basheer ♥


6 thoughts on “♥ May 2015 Recap ♥

  1. Hey!. What a lovely post. Congratulations to your sis. The gift you got her is so gorgeous and moreover thoughtful. You are a wonderful sister to her. Masha Allah!. Looking forward to the reviews of the lovely products you bought.

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  2. Such a beautiful month you had dear… Love that you had a girls get together.. So nice to meet everyone after all these years.. And your sis results were the highlight.. Congrats to her and you’ll… That pearl set is divine..Please send me upclose pics of that bag ..its so cute and what is that honey wax..

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