♥ Indian Islahi Islamic School – Calling out to all my School-Mates! ♥

Today’s post is a very different one. This is an effort to call out to all my school mates.


A little intro before that. I did all my schooling (14 years) in a school in Abu Dhabi called Indian Islahi Islamic School. So many good and bad memories, loads of victories and failiures. Unfortunately after around 30 years of it’s running, it was shut down due to some legal issues. It was a real hard to think of it closing down. We always thought it would be there forever and once we could point it out to our children saying that is where your mom studied. My father and mother show me their schools and colleges when we go to India (even my son can see where his grandparents studied now), I expected my school to remain that way too. 😦 😦 😦&MaxW=640&imageVersion=default&AR-130929928

Now some months before, I don’t exactly know who made the initiative, but a group of old students from my school decided to create a facebook group for all to join and meet long lost friends, refresh memories and get together. It was also a way to keep the name of our school alive. God bless them. Soon there were many people joining from different parts of the world. Students as old as from the 1990s were there. Soon get togethers and different events were organized. All these were going on at the time of my delivery and recovery so I couldn’t really join in the gatherings but I stayed up to date in the facebook page.

Recently I was invited to a ladies gathering by one of the senior schoolmates. By senior I mean she is maybe 5 to 6 years my senior. I already knew about it from the facebook page and was all set to go but I was really happy to be personally invited. I was a little shy about going thinking they are all seniors, will I feel left out and stuff but this invitation removed all the nervousness.

They all welcomed us warmly and were really sweet. We discussed on the various future activities the group committee was planning. The latest includes charity to Nepal earthquake victims, Iftar for low income groups, an Alumni meet in October which would be done in a larger scale to accomodate the ever growing group! Masha Allah!

Anyway the purpose of this post is to call out to all my classmates, senior and junior schoolmates who might have not known about this group yet. I really wish this message reaches out to you all. You could get in touch with your long lost friends. Isn’t that really exciting? If any of my schoolmates are reading this please visit the link below to the Alumni facebook group. Yor account will be verified before being accepted. I hope this gets to as many as my schoolmates as possible. 🙂


I am really happy to be a part of this group and cannot wait to see what all activities are up in the future.

♥ Abidha Basheer ♥


Love to read your feedback, enquiries and opinions. Leave them down here and I will get back to you asap! Good Day!

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