♥ Baby Update – 1 Year! ♥

Photo Courtesy by my sister, Asmiya Basheer

Alhamdulilah! I am happy to see my boy grow but I miss his tiny being already! I cannot thank Allah enough to have blessed me with the opportunity to be a Mom! There are those tearful happy times and the overwhelming mind going bonkers moments. Being a mom is seriously a test of your sanity 😉

During his 9th month, one small teeny tiny tooth sprouted from the lower gum. I almost squealed with happiness. Now Masha Allah he has 2 pairs of teeth – one up one down and is biting the daylights out of me.


He has started walking now and already wants to climb on things! My house has become such a sensitive accident prone area, I’m always on lookout for falls and bumping heads! It was just so painful to watch him cry. He is still learning to balance himself so these little accidents are unavoidable. Yet you need to keep watch to avoid any major injuries.


He has started blabbering some words like Abba – for father, Baba – for bye bye, Papa for milk but he is still confused as to what to call me. He shouts in excitment when he sees me but haven’t really started calling out to me. I guess he is completely confused from the fact that I am trying to make him call me Mama, my parents point me out to him as Umma and the rest all call me in the house as Abi. Poor baby, he is so baffled!

Helping Abba with duty! 😉

He still doesn’t take any food nor bottle to his mouth with his own hands – thanks to the over pampering he has been receiving being the first grandson. I am trying to get him to be independent in this regard. But what amuses me is the fact that he takes non edible things to his mouth without any effort – the little brat!

Photo Courtesy by my sister, Asmiya Basheer

He has also started showing the separation anxiety. Its so hard for me and hubby to go for work when he is awake. He understands we are going out when we are getting dressed and starts whimpering to take him in our hands. Handing him over to my mom and leaving waving bye is the hardest part of my mornings now! I read gradually children will learn to accept the fact we have to leave for work and get adjusted to it. Will see how it goes.

He absolutely love playing with balls – soft balls, cricket balls , foot balls –  he loves to throw or hit them with his foot. Even with dolls like Teddy bears and other soft toys or building blocks – he just throws them and play like he ball. He squeals with excitment when he sees other people playing with ball in parks and TV. He loves listening to rhymes from youtube channel ChuChu TV. This channel saves me when he is about to throw up tantrums – while feeding him, changing him, eating out, pheww 😀 😀

Photo Courtesy by my sister, Asmiya Basheer
Photo Courtesy by my sister, Asmiya Basheer

He loves going to park and walking on grass. He hates getting a haircut (he brings the whole place down). He hates restaurants, especially if it is dim lighted or crowded – he’ll make sure you regret even thinking of going there. He will never let me eat in peace until I play his rhymes. Its no use I give him a toy because he’ll throw it away like ball and wail to get it for him or let him down from the high chair so he can get it himself! Masha Allah! Kids are much smarter than we think!

Photo Courtesy by my sister, Asmiya Basheer

He loves his bath time but hates changing nappies and dresses! He hates going to sleep and would try with all his might to stay awake. He is such a light sleeper that we kind of tip toe and whisper around when he sleeps!! A car honks outside or a helicopter or plane passes by he gets up! I think I should get him an earplug!! And no one should switch on lights while he is sleeping – maybe I should get him an eye mask too! 😀

Photo Courtesy by my sister, Asmiya Basheer

He is not the cuddly kind of kid who would snuggle in your hands except maybe when he is sleepy. He snuggles well into my sister’s hands but never in mine or anyone else. My sister calls it her magical touch! Masha Allah 😉 I just have no idea why, I usually get along well with other babies and I have had those proud of making babies sleep. But my own son just wouldn’t lie on my shoulder when I want to rock him to sleep. With me its always playtime or feeding time. Shu hada Zain?? (what is this Zain in arabic).

Masha Allah, He loves his independence! He loves to explore! His hands are getting strong enough to open and close cabinets and fridge. I have to keep them locked or he will pull out stuff and I am worried about his fingers getting stuck when he closes them. . While we are brushing or sweeping the floor, he wants to do it too! He loves to see us talk on phone and will talk too if his highness is in the mood to. But he gets all excited when he hears the phone ring. He has also learned to kiss, give flying kiss and wave bubye. Oh my dear son! May Allah bless you! Ameen!

His favorite squeaking shoe :)
His favorite squeaking shoe 🙂 Photo Courtesy by my sister, Asmiya Basheer

During his 7th month, he got infected with pnuemonia. It was a sad time. He had high fever, cough and chest pain. Watching him cry helplessly made me want to kill myself. If there was anyway I could transfer the pain to myself I would do it. We had to get his chest x-rayed that day and the expeience really frightened him. From that day on he is scared of going to doctors. He starts crying from the moment the doctor brings stethoscope or thermometer near him. Alhamdulilah, he is well now and I am happy to see that.

As you can see I have really been busy and you’d understand why I was away for sometime from blogging. The first year of my son’s life as well as mine as a mother has been adventurous. Alhamdulilah! I love him and am proud of him! I pray for his well being and happy future. Ameen. Do include us in your prayers too 🙂

I’ll write about myself in the next post – this is already a long one I suppose 😉 I will leave you now with some snaps from my son Zain’s first birthday. Good day to you all!

Neighboring kids helping with decor 🙂 Sweet Kids!







♥ Abidha Basheer ♥


2 thoughts on “♥ Baby Update – 1 Year! ♥

  1. Its always nice to read your posts as I can relate to them. Now its even more coz I have a 9 month old son Alhumdulillah. I can relate to alot of things you have mentioned and also, I think you have given me an idea of what to expect in the coming months, Insha’Allah!
    Lovely birthday pics. May Allah bless you 3 and keep you happy always.

    Liked by 1 person

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