♥ Lip Product Addict Tag! ♥

Photo Courtesy by my sister, Asmiya Basheer

I was tagged by my sweet friend Naznin Azeez to do this tag soooo looooong ago that she must have probably thought I’m ignoring it! Bad Girl, Abidha!! Lippie area is new for me. So naturally when I got tagged for this subject, I panicked! But anyway I thought I would just go ahead and do it truthfully!

 1. Fave balm / treatment?

Sebamed Lip Balm. I have been using this since years – like since my school days. 🙂 It has really kept my lips healthy. I also like it for the very light glossy and plump moisturized look it gives my lips.

Photo Courtesy by my sister, Asmiya Basheer

2. Best eye catching red?

I have only tried one red lipstick until now and it is from Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in the shade “Fatal Red’. I love this red, it suits Indian skin tone really well and brightens up the whole look.

Photo Courtesy by my sister, Asmiya Basheer

3. Best luxury & best drugstore?

I don’t own any high end lipsticks! There I said it!

My favorite drugstore lipstick at the moment is from Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in the shade ‘Coral Fever’. Another beautiful summery color. I am in love with Corals at the moment.

Photo Courtesy by my sister, Asmiya Basheer

4. Best MAC lippie?

I don’t own one, yet! 😉

 5. The most disappointing?

VLCC Lip Shield Lip Lightening Lip Balm! I felt this did nothing for my lips. First off it did not really moisturize my lips (which is what lip balms are for) and it promises to lighten lips which I did not see.

 6. Liner – yes or no?

I haven’t used lip liners yet! I might try in future but I can survive without one!

 7. Best gloss?

I am personally not a fan of lip-glosses. I hate the glossy look and the wet sticky feeling on my lips. I prefer the plump supple moisturized look and my lip balm does that job for me 😉

 8. Something extra?

I have been doing oil pulling daily since 3 months and have seen very good results to my lips, skin and overall health.

Every day I apply my DIY AM PM Cleansers to my lips along with the face. Twice a week , I add sugar to PM Cleanser (Honey Lemon) and give my lips a gentle scrub.

Presentation1 (2)
Photo Courtesy by my sister, Asmiya Basheer

 Then I tone my lips along with my face with diluted Apple Cider Vinegar (1 part ACV to 1 part water) and let it dry. After that I apply grapeseed oil for moisturizer.

In the mornings, I use Sebamed Lipbalm as it is very moisturizing and contains SPF 30.

 So that’s it guys. I know it’s not much but I have never been much of a lippie person. It is only recently that I have taken up the courage to try reds, oranges and corals. Until then it was always browns and nudes!

 Thank you so much dear Naznin for tagging me. Please do check out her post, it’s more interesting than mine I promise 😛

 From my part I want to tag –

1. Samareen Yusufi from A Woman with a Pen

2. Nur from Nur Al Ayn Beauty

3. Katie from A Slice of Kate

4. Monica from Pink Asfoura

 Until next post


♥ Abidha Basheer ♥


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