♥ Welcome to my new space! ♥

Hello Beautiful People!!

Welcome to my new space!

2014 was the busiest year I have ever had in my life! This time last year I became a mom and Alhamdulilah! He is a ‘notorious-beyond-belief’ Tod now! Lol! My life has changed up a lot and now I can’t imagine a life without him. It feels like he has always been with me! How did I even survive without all this craziness??

Being a mom has made my life so adventurous. Anything can come up at the least time you expect it. Everyday brings something new! No matter how you plan out things, it just doesn’t go that way! I have come to learn the importance to organizing your life or else it can become a chaos. I am no more living a carefree life! Every moment, every action, every decision I make revolves around him. One thing I realized is not to get lost in this process. It is so common for a woman to just forget herself completely and give out her whole life to her family! In the process everyone including herself will forget that she needs a life as well!

What happens in this process is,

  • People start taking you for granted.
  • you start depending on others for your happiness.
  • you expect people to be thankful for your dedication which does not happen 80% of the time!
  • You start blaming people for everything that happens to you instead of finding solutions yourself.
  • you forget you ever had hobbies and talents yourself.

A mother is an important pillar of family life. So it is utmost important she stays positive, healthy and happy. Otherwise she will end up being a depressed woman and her attitude to life will start affecting her children’s life too! !

So for this purpose I have started organizing my life to the best of my ability. It has helped me prioritize my daily tasks and activities and get things done more efficiently. I recently watched a video of Rachael Talbott on how she stays organized in life with an Planner/Organizer/Agenda. I never knew such a thing even existed until then. I just fell in love (obsessed would be the right word) with this idea and started hunting to buy one. I couldn’t find these in most Stationary shops here. Finally I got to know it is available at PaperChase. Man! They were really expensive! I was not sure if I was ready to make such an investment. So I decided to make myself a Planner from a simple Manuscript notebook! Here’s the end results.


I have jotted down my resolutions, tasks, routines and many more stuff here. I am truly in love with my work! Alhamdulilah! Coming to resolutions (you can read about them here), I have been able to succeed in some and completely fail in others!

Health and fitness wise I have been able to lose all the pregnancy fat I put on. But my weight was already above the BMI level before pregnancy, so after losing the baby fat, I still have 13-14kgs to lose! Yes – I do!

Art and crafts wise, I have been trying to bring out my talent to do things here and there like making greeting cards, helping my sister do her school charts and stitching! Here are the snaps of restarting my Arts interest!

Council Members chart we made for my sister’s school
Harry Potter chart we made for sister’s school library
Sari blouse I stitched for my sister’s Sari Party
achu card
Card I made for my sister’s birthday 🙂
zain card
Card we made for my son’s 1st birthday 🙂

Major change that has come about is my decision to care for my skin and hair and go as natural as possible with the products. I have been careless enough and I am paying for it now! I have started out on a routine and am trying to follow it up. The results have been really wonderful. Will be talking about this in future posts 😉

Facial (1)
Sketch Courtesy by my sister, Asmiya Basheer

Standing up for myself and ignoring or letting go off negative people have been the hardest lesson I have learnt this year. I witnessed people change and be ridiculosly selfish, rude and heartless. Just a few years of life in this world and they want to waste it fighting over silly things! I have got just one emotion for such people! Pity! I so pity them!


Anyway, I believe everything happens for good. This is a belief that keeps me going! I know i have been missing in action for almost half an year! I missed doing this a lot and I was really moved when some of my subbies personally messaged me asking if I was alright. So sweet of you guys! With all the adventure and craziness going on around me – I just had to take a break from here. Anyhow, I am back now and will keep you guys posted about the various things I have been upto from beauty to motherhood!

Until then, Stay tuned!

♥ Abidha Basheer ♥


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