Nando’s, Al Raha Abu Dhabi – Restaurant Review

This is my very first restaurant review. I used to love reading restaurant reviews on magazines and newspapers but never did I imagine then that I would get a chance to do one. I was over the moon when I got the opportunity to visit Nando’s. I had heard good reviews about it from friends and was already planning to check them out.

The only experience I have had with grilled chicken are the ones from Indian and Lebanese cuisines. So trying a new taste would be refreshing! Nando’s promises to tantalize your taste-buds with Afro-Portugese flavours! They claim to have the best chicken – plump and juicy, with golden crispy skin, and flavorful to the bone. If these words did not make you go all drooling like me – I don’t know what will?

So off I went with my hubby and baby to Nando’s. We have 2 outlets in Abu Dhabi – one in World Trade Centre and the other in Al Raha. We decided to go for the Al Raha one as it was more closer to residence. We did not know the exact location so we called them up for help, which they did very kindly. The staff welcomed us so warmly we almost felt like a celebrity. After being seated, a very friendly guy named William came to attend us.

He asked if we were first time customers and on replying positive, he gave us a run through their menu, what each flavors were and items that were most loved by customers. He also served to our table a selection of their sauces to go with our dinner.

As appetizer, or ‘Appeteaser’ as they call it, we chose the Pita and ‘Peri-Peri’ hummus. I have had hummus many times in my life and I wanted to see how this was different. To speak the truth I did end up loving it, it was basically hummus topped with their ‘Peri-Peri’ sauce served along with hot and fresh Pita.

For main-course, we decided to go for a Meal for 2 platter which was – 1 whole chicken, 1 fino or 2 reg sides and 2 bottomless soft drinks. I chose ‘Hot’ from the Periometer, which was basically their levels of spiciness. I was not very brave to choose the ‘Extra-Hot’ one! For the sides we went for one Fino dish. ‘Fino’ is Portugese for Posh and they had 3 options in it. I choose the Chunky Mash – which was Potato mash with Red Peppers, Onion and Peri-Peri sauce. For drinks we just chose Fanta(Orange) and Coke.

I am happy we went for ‘Hot’ in Periometer, because it was spicy enough to make me feel smoking! All their chickens are halal certified, fresh, marinated for 24hrs and grilled to order. No wonder, I could taste the flavours to the bone. The chicken was grilled to perfection – it was hot and crispy outside and well-cooked and juicy inside.

The Chunky Mash was so yummy, unlike the regular mash potatoes, it had the chunkiness of the onions and peppers and the tanginess of the peri-peri. It made the humble mashed potato really posh or as they call it ‘Fino’!

Finally it was time for dessert, and we went for the Caramel Cheesecake as suggested by William. OMG!! The cake was big enough for 2 people to eat and so heavenly! I am sure dessert lovers could satisfy their heart’s desire with just one plate! The crispy base, with smooth caramel cheesecake topped with caramel…..Ohhhh! it was a perfect end to our dinner!

Truth be told, I was not finished with the dinner – I wanted to try out more of their delicacies (especially the desserts!) but unfortunately my baby had other ideas. My baby is so adventurous that he shall not be put in one place for more than 10 minutes! He gets bored so easily and starts grunting and wailing! Same thing happened here too! 10 minutes of sitting and he wanted to get us going already! Thankfully the sweet lady staffs of Nando’s took him from us and played with him throughout our dinner!! It was so very sweet of them! And let me tell you, my baby boy is already so good with the ladies!! Oh yes! I see a bright future ahead for him! Jokes apart, he was also getting all sleepy and irritated, so I wanted to leave before he would start bringing the place down. More on my baby’s sleeping habits in the next Postpartum post!
All in all, I loved my experience at Nando’s. The staff were all super-friendly and always ready to help. At the end they were so sweet to pose for a photograph.

Suggestions I have (and have read other blogger write about) is that it was really hot inside the restaurant. The heat from the lightings and food got us sweating! I think i would have melted if I had chosed the ‘Extra-Hot’ chicken! I wish it was more air-conditioned – especially when we come with children like my own it could be a little difficult.

Otherwise I love Nando’s and would go there again and highly recommend it to you all!
Our dinner totally amounted to AED143/-. It is definitely on the expensive side but worth it! You can check out their menu, prices, locations all here at and they do home delivery as well.
Do check them out buddies! It’s truly a wonderful experience!

2 thoughts on “Nando’s, Al Raha Abu Dhabi – Restaurant Review

  1. Such a lovely review, Abi!. Nice pix. Detailed review. Man, I wish I had tried that chunky mash. Looks so yum. I am glad you got to check out a new cuisine. It's true though, hanging out with little ones is a bit tough at times. But so sweet that the staff helped you out!


  2. Thank you! <3 You should definitely check out the Chunky Mash next time you visit Nando's! Its yum!!
    Man….they were so sooo sweet! If they wouldn't have helped, I would've had to pack it all yp and leave! Can't thank them enough 🙂
    Hope you are having a wonderful vacation! 🙂


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