Palmer’s Anti-Dandruff Hair Food Formula – Review

Hey All!!
Hope you are all having a wonderful time. Today I am going to review this hair product I have been using for some time. This was mentioned as my June Favorites in 2013.
So, according to their website, Palmer’s Anti-Dandruff Hairfood Formula is a conditioning hair and scalp treatment pomade for dandruff. Formulated with proven anti-dandruff ingredients combined with Vitamin A, A and Protein to help nourish and condition. Relieves dry, itchy scalp and helps control flaking while restoring shine and luster.
Comes in a transparent tub with a black screw top. The pomade is light green in color and has a very strong citrusy medicinal scent to it. Each tub contains 125g of product.
AED 14/-
Where did I buy?
Lulu Hypermarket – Mushrif Mall. You will get this in any local stores as well as pharmacies.
The ‘Wow’ factor
  • It did help in reducing my dandruff to a great extent.
  • Reduced itchiness from the first use itself.
  • Makes hair feel and look strong and healthy.
  • Budget friendly.
The ‘Hugh’ factor

  • The scent of this pomade is not my favorite. Though it wears off after sometime it doesn’t completely go. Due to this I use this more of like a treatment mask than a pomade. Details below.
Buy again?
I am right now having my mind on purchasing Alterna products and I have taken oath not to buy any products until I finish what I have. I had also bought the Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Moisture Gro Shining Hairdress after seeing the results of this one. I have to finish that too and will be reviewing it soon. But for now this an effective budget friendly product and I will come back to this.
Recommend it?
Yes, but not as a leave-in pomade unless you are Ok with the scent.

I bought this product while searching for something to help with my very bad dandruff condition last year. If I comb through my hair I could see snowflakes falling off my head. It was just so embarrassing.
I tried using the Parachute anti dandruff cream my hubby uses but it didn’t show any result. I did vinegar treatment as mask and as leave in but my condition was so aggravated that I couldn’t expect any quick results. Plus I just couldn’t walk around smelling like a pickle! I was almost at the verge of consulting a doctor.
That is when I met with this product on a shopping trip. I remembered my cousin sister using and raving about it like 6 or 7 years back! I did not like it then because of the scent and told her to keep it away from me. But now I thought if I was brave enough to use vinegar, I can try this too and decided to give it a try. It was really cheap so I did doubt if it would work after bottles of anti-dandruff shampoos and creams I used.
After coming home and opening it, the first thing that hit me was that familiar scent. It almost reminded me of those balms you apply when you get muscle ache. In the website this is referred to as a treatment pomade. Pomades were very popular in the 19th century. It was a greasy waxy substance used to make hair look sleek and shiny! It took several washes with high-detergent soap to remove the residue. Now it is making a comeback through different brands but in a healthier way.
This stuff also looked like grease and I wondered if I’d look like a grease ball after applying it. But it’s very difficult to make my hair look greasy as it’s really dry and coarse that it refuses to drink up any moisture.
I applied it to my scalp and hair. Just like I thought it did not soften my hair then. So I put my hair up in a bun and got on with my housework. Then after like 5-6hrs I noticed that my scalp was not itchy. The itchiness was completely gone!! I removed the bun and I was surprised to find my hair so soft! I combed through my hair and all my frizzy hair looked so moisturized! Though the scent of the pomade lingered it was very mild now! But the scent was still a problem for me, I couldn’t use it as a styling product, leave it on and be comfortable around people. So I started using this like a treatment mask. I would apply and leave it on for like 5-6hrs and wash it off.  I used it continuously like this for some time and my dandruff condition improved a lot!!
About conditioning and restoring shine to the hair. It does improve the condition of your hair when applied on but once rinsed my hair comes back to original state. Well, hair is composed of dead cells, so one cannot expect damaged hair to improve like an injured finger but I guess by applying it regularly to the roots it will promote healthy hair growth.
I will definitely be coming back to this to use as a hair mask but for now I am going to stick to my oath and purchase no hair products until I finish all I have. I have to save up until then to purchase my dream products from Alterna and Macadamia.
Take care and enjoy good health!!

4 thoughts on “Palmer’s Anti-Dandruff Hair Food Formula – Review

  1. Ooh! What a lovely product!.. It sounds really good. I mean it's so cheap for what it does. I should give it a try one day. I have never even seen this product before. Thanks for the suggestion dear and it was a very informative post ♡


  2. Oh Abi .. Its been a long time since you've posted a beauty review.. Anyways awesome review and guess what .. I had gotten two different versions from the range of these products.. One for shine and one for dry hair.. Still in use.. Not long enough to review though…


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