Blog Anniversary & Giveaway (UAE Only) – Closed

I am so so sooooo happy to let you know I am completing one year of blogging! When I started off, I was so nervous if people would read my stuff, like them or think I am a total fool!! But it so happened that people really did like what I wrote! Well I know I am not some famous blogger with a million subscribers to say this but whatever little support I got was really huge for me to keep going forward!
To make it even more fun, I have decided to collaborate with a wonderful blogger friend of mine – Irene Joseph from ‘Drab2Fabz’ (click here to view her previous blog posts). She is also new in blogosphere like me and her blog is a fun and witty place to be in. If there is one person who tempt me to go shop till I die – that’s Her!! From major hauls to honest reviews, she has it all. Moreover, she is one of the most humorous and kindest person I’ve ever met. We have got along so well and I’m sure you will love her too. So definitely go and check out her blog. She was also completing one year of blogging (way to go Irene! Yippieee!). What better way to celebrate this occassion than giving something back to you people!!So, here it is! A giveawayyy….this is also supposed to be the first giveaway on my blog and I am really excited!

So without further ado, here’s the juicy part. There would be 2 winners!
One would win the Urban Decay Naked Palette 2!!
and the other is going to win this gorgeous Smodlt Satchel from Aldo in Nude shade (Sorry I couldn’t find a link to this bag on their site, guess it’s out of stock).
 Excited??? Then read on to know what you have to do to win these…and make sure you follow all of these rules so that you become legible to enter the giveaway.

1. You have to be a subscriber to BOTH our blogs: This is really easy. Enter your email address in the box you see on the right corner. Next, go to your mailbox where you would recieve a mail to verify your subscription and confirm it. Isn’t that easy? In case you did not receive confirmation email within a day, check your Junk / Spam list.

2. Like our Facebook pages:
My Facebook Page: Abidha Ayyoob’s Blog
Irene’s Facebook Page: Drab2Fabz

3. Bring in two people and comment : Invite two of your friends to subscribe to our blogs. Then COMMENT ON OUR GIVEAWAY POSTS who you brought in – like if I were to comment, I’d say, “I am Abidha and I bought in Jane (jane@……com) and Lily (lily@……com)”. And if Jane and Lily also wanted to enter the giveaway, they would have to follow these three rules too. Hope that wasn’t confusing! Let us know if you need clarifications.

That’s it guys! The giveaway is open until 20th August 2014 (extended to 22nd August 2014) and we will choose our winners from through This giveaway is open only to U.A.E. Sorry international buddies but your chance will come in near future! I hope you are all excited about this giveaway as we are but pleazzzzzzzzzzz….if you are planning to sub us just to win and then unsub – that is so sick! This is to appreciate our loyal followers and we would appreciate it if you respect that!
Good luck guys!!

48 thoughts on “Blog Anniversary & Giveaway (UAE Only) – Closed

  1. Hello,

    Followed all rules

    I am Zainub Naeem and i brought in Sahar Samir and Wasefa Khan

    Gonna keep my fingers crossed really hard now

    Love love loveeeeeeeeee that aldo bag !!!


  2. Congratulations Abidha! Its been very interesting to read your blog, especially about your shopping sprees, honest reviews and of late your series on pregnancy & childbirth. Im actually inspired to start a blog on my favourite topic – food! InshaAllah will try my hand at it soon 🙂

    Bringing in Fairoz & Shakila.


  3. Yayy!!.. Congratulations on your first blog anniversary, Abi!.. I hope you have many many more successful years of blogging ahead of you. I am SUPER EXCITED about this giveaway. It's so high end!.. OMG. Love the prizes. It's so cool both of you chose the same set of prizes so there are more chances of winning. Personally, I am in love with that Aldo satchel ♡.. So classy!. Very pretty color and gorgeous design. Thanks for the fab giveaway!

    I brought in Fatima Painter and Maria Kazhanchi 🙂


  4. Thanx a lot sweety!! Blog on food – Wow!! Do let me know when you start, I love following food blogs! Foodies just can't get enough of recipies 😛
    All the best for the giveaway!! :))


  5. Aww..thank you so much Dear Naz!!
    I hope you didn't get the wrong idea, because there would only be 2 winners which me and Irene would choose jointly – so one person wins the palatte and other the bag!
    All the best to you 🙂 ❤


  6. My name is Alia..First of all congrats to both bloggers always loved reading ur blogs..keep the good work 🙂

    I bring in Shamla (
    and jaheer (


  7. Ramadan Kareem. Hi, I am Arti Bhatia and I have brought in Parul Ghalout and Jaishree Jimmy. Congrats on your first blog Anniversary. I must say both your blogs are amazing with amazing . Wishing you many more blog Anniversaries. Wish to win with you.


  8. Eid Mubarak!!!!
    I brought in Shaheen mushtu and vijitha previously…but because of some issues vijitha is not able subscribe…so my two friends who subscribed both the blogs are Shaheen Mushtu and Juby kamaruzzan!!!!
    all mentioned steps done…thanks


  9. Congrats on your first blog anniversary !! Here's wishing you more success and many more fans. I am Selma and my facebook name is Selma Romola. I have brought in Umm Hanna ( and Samina ( I have completed all the steps and made sure that they too have followed all the steps. Look forward to winning Hamper 2 with you.


  10. I have subscribed to your blog and my two friends Nicholas Rodrigues ( and Melody Rodrigues ( have subscribed to your blog too

    Hope to win this lovely giveaway!


  11. I am Parul Ghalout and i brought in Sandeep kumar and Kuldeep Chauhan

    Done all steps carefully

    1- Liked both pages on FB
    2- Subscribed the both blogs page
    3- Invited my friends

    Wish to win..lovely giveaway!!


  12. Congrats on your bloganniversary! May you receive all the success.
    I'd love to win this amazing giveaway! Subscribed to both blogs with ID – pinkasfouratheblog(at)gmail(dot)com, facebook Name: Monica Ramesh Prii
    I have bought in two of my lovely friends Madhumita Jigar Sangani – madysangani(at)hotmail(dot)com
    Rucha Nankani- ruchapratap(at)hotmail(dot)com

    Do hop in to my blog's facebook page : as I will be running a giveaway too 😉

    Monica xx


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