Happy Birthday to Me!!!

When it comes to birthdays, I am still a kid! I love to dress up…..give everyone sweets…..tear open my gifts impatiently and just totally act like a princess!! This day is even more special because I am celebrating it as a mother!! How the years have just flown by!

 Alhamdulilah! I cannot thank Allah enough for giving me this life! He gave me wonderful parents, lovely siblings, the best husband and now the perfect little baby prince I could have asked for.
Today I want to thank my parents for I am what I am today because of them! They have been there for me from the day I was just a tiny cell, to my baby days where I was burping and pooping and crying, to the naughty childhood days, to the difficult teenage years and now even when I am a mother myself they continue to be my biggest support in life! I love you forever and ever and EVER!!

My brother has always been such a precious little boy who was patient even when I was a difficult big sissy on him. Now he has grown up to be this pompous irritating fellow who thinks me and my sister are the biggest idiots in life and he is only the correct person! Well, I think he thinks the same about everyone in the world! Duffer! I still love you!

My sister, we were biggest enemies in our childhood. We were always fighting. In childhood she was Mom’s trusted News channel. She would go on non-stop about what I did (with her own modifications) and my Mom would just lap it all up! This means I was always in trouble. She would try to keep her elephant ears alert when my friends came home and God!! She was an irritating little Ant!! But still we were always there for each other in times of trouble. She was my little Princess and nobody dared do wrong to her. I used to love to dress her up and she got so used to it that even now she comes behind me at times to make her hair and stuff! Lol…But now she is my best friend (How did that even happen??) and I cannot have another perfect partner for fulfilling my childish cravings. We watch cartoons and soaps together, talk about fashion and beauty, and God alone knows how, but she has become a moral support for me who makes me happy during my sad times and shows me sense when I am completely crying over some nonsense! If it was not for her, I would have never known how to take life so easily and positively! God bless her! Love you sooo much Dear!

And then comes in my hubby! Well except for the times he is angry and throw tantrums like a 4 year old boy (wink), I don’t think I could have asked for a better life partner. We have been through many ups and downs in such a short period and all throughout he has stood with me! I sometimes wonder if I am worthy of the love he shows me. Alhamdulilah! Maybe someday I will tell you about our love story but for now I pray our love keeps growing and we never become apart even in after death (Sorry hubby, I’ll not leave you even then!).

And then there is the new guy in my life! My son! Oh it feels so good to say that! Alhamdulilah! He is growing fast and learning along. Each day is special as he shows me new action or makes a new sound. Motherhood does come with difficulties and sacrifices but somehow I am enjoying it! On this day, I pray I would get many more years to spend happily with my son and see him grow healthy and successful.

On my birthday I want to thank all those who supported me throughout the ups and downs in my life and more so to people who did not because that made me a stronger person!!

I’m sure you must have heard this a million times but on this day I just want to tell you that…
Life is really short! Really Really Short!
Don’t waste it running behind money and materials!
Be more human and kind.
Be more human and help people in need,
even if it’s just praying for them.
Remember whether good or bad,
all your deeds will come back to you.
Forgive and forget.
Remember love is all that matters when you lie on your death bed,
You take nothing along except their prayers and your own deeds.
Give and take respect!
Respect and love the ladies in your house!
They are your mother, sister, wife or daughter, not kitchen appliance.
Respect the ladies outside your house,
They are a mother, sister, wife and daughter too, not entertainment items.
Respect all religion and for God sake accept the fact,
We are all the SAME SPECIES!!


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