Postpartum Update – 2 months!

I am really thrilled as well as little sad as my son turns 2 months old. Alhamdulilah! I am happy and thrilled to see my son growing and completing 2 months of his life. But it’s time for me to get back to work which means I have to leave him at home and go. During these 2 months, twice I had to go shopping leaving him at home with mom, but I started missing him like hell and couldn’t wait to get home. Now I’ll have to stay away from him like for 8-10 hrs!!!

If you have read my Birth Story post, you would know my hospital stay was not a very good one, so coming home felt like a blessing. Now my son was not very good at nursing in the beginnings. He would nurse for about just 5 minutes and doze off to sleep. And within 15 minutes he would be hungry again and start crying and the cycle continued! So because of this I had to stay awake all night. Luckily my sister was on vacation then, and she would stay awake with me and help me with diaper changings and soothing baby to sleep. Gossiping with my sister was the best moments I could remember at those times. Otherwise the first month my daily routine was to nurse, burp, change diaper, again nurse, burp, change diaper and so on…
A week after his birth, we went for check up and Zain’s blood showed an increase in bilirubin count which would make the baby skin look yellow. Doctor then told us that he has to be kept under light for 24 hrs. It was just really painful for me to see him kept under that light but thankfully my baby did not cry too much. He slept most of the time waking up only for feedings. It was then that his umbilical stump fell off. I guess the heat from the light helped to dry it out faster.
Traditionally in our place a woman is hired to massage and bath the baby and mother for 1 or 2 months. I was double thinking if this is really required or not but then the ladies of the society started questioning my hubby and mother so we finally got one. The first day she massaged my baby itself I put a stop to it! She was massaging so vigorously and my baby was crying out for mercy! When me and mom told her to go slow and soft, she was like this is how its done and its normal for babies to cry that way! I checked up online on my trusty website and read about how it was done. Babies are supposed to enjoy the massage and bath. Also it said it would be best for the mothers to do it themselves so that it will increase the bonding between mother and baby! There was step by step guide on how to massage the baby.
My baby was so tiny and I was feeling nervous if I would hurt him. But once I started, everything just went smoothly and my baby did not cry, he was literally cooing at me. Then my mom bathed him and he did not cry then too. Alhamdulilah! From then on I did not allow the lady to massage or bath him. Ladies in my family were like why did you make the lady stop, they are experts, you don’t know anything and crap!!! I chose to ignore them! The thing is, the way the massage done by me and lady were the same but I did it soothingly and slowly and she did it vigorously and fast which could hurt and frighten the baby!
The lady massaged and bathed me. She would apply an Ayurvedic oil called ‘Danwantharam Kuzampu’ all over my body and bath me after half an hour. This oil is said to help with the body pain ladies have after delivery. On my face she would apply a pack made from gram flour and turmeric. My hair was oiled (she said I can use the oil I normally use, so I used the oil mix I usually use on my hair). While bathing no soap or shampoo were used. She used gram flour to wash my body and just plain water to wash my hair. Yes! just water. She said to use shampoo only once a week, it seems keeping oil in the hair and pouring cold water overhead would help with the milk production, so the oil should not be washed off everyday! After bathing I still smelled and looked oily! My hair looked all slick! On my body she would use hot water, it was so hot that it made my skin red! It seems this would help reduce the stomach. The water was boiled with eucalyptus and neem leaves and she would use around 5 buckets of hot water! On my hair she used cold water, after getting boiled with buckets of hot water, pouring cold water over the head felt like a blessing!  I did not really feel any difference except for the fact that my milk supply did increase. I guess this will be beneficial to ladies who had normal delivery as they would have body pain after all the pushings! I had C-section and the pain I had was only from the stitches and a slight back pain. And so instead of one month, I did this only for 20 days!
I have started doing some light exercises. Nothing heavy, just basic warm ups. I am not going to burden my body nor am I going to let it go out of control too. My baby has started settling to the world now. He has started nursing and sleeping better than before. He has also started looking directly at our faces and making strange little noises. Sometimes I just can’t stop cuddling him.
At the end of 2 months, my baby had his shot of vaccinations. It was given on both his thighs. Oh My God!! I couldn’t bear him cry. After they gave another oral vaccine he dozed off but once he woke up he started crying again. I checked up online and read a mother say in babycenter forum about the nurse advising her to remove the bandage and massage the area because if the vaccine is still stuck under his skin, it can hurt him. She also wrote about applying warm or cold compress and giving him warm bath. While removing the bandage my baby did cry but once I started massaging he slowly stopped crying and slept off. He also developed slight fever but the nurse did say that was normal and to give Baby Adol. Now he is getting better. His legs are no longer paining, its just the fever now.
Giving birth to a baby has completely changed my view on life. A life has just formed inside me and I have been able to bring it out safely and sound. I have started appreciating and respecting my body after what it has went through. Seeing any child in pain and trouble brings tears to my eyes now! I have a new found respect for every mothers now! Hope I’ll prove to be a good mother too!!

10 thoughts on “Postpartum Update – 2 months!

  1. Oh Abi!. What a beautiful post. The ladies who are called in to look after the mom and baby generally have a rude behaviour and overall aura of an 'expert'!. I dunno why they seem so irritated. Anyways, your's is not the first case I heard of with an experience like this. Good that you are doing the massages well. The mother's touch is what the baby loves the most. It increases your bond with him. You won't be a good mom, Abi.. You will be a great mom!. Hehe. Coz you are such a sweetheart ♡


  2. OH Abi .. This was such a beautiful post… I loved it and it really bought tears to my eyes.. Let me just say this was your best post ever…I could really relate to it …


  3. Truly said….when you see your baby all this hardships become zero! But I though I should share my experience with you all, can't say for whom it will become beneficial! Atleast new moms would understand what to expect and what to avoid! :))


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