Birth Story of Little Zain – Part 2

The day after my operation, when I woke up I could feel the pain of the stitches kicking in. Though I was in pain, I was looking forward to cuddle my baby, play with him, click pictures with him and what not. Doctor came to check me and told me I was healing well and could start feeding the baby. She told as I had operation, it will take a little time for the milk to come in. The baby’s doctor came in and checked my baby and said he was all well and all he needed now was momma’s milk.

From now, my frustrating and depressing period starts!!
I was already in pain, my milk hadn’t come in, baby was constantly crying for milk, I had to sit up to feed bearing the pain. In between all this I come to know that I was given a room without a cradle for the baby. It seems all cradles were taken! Imagine! How can that happen in a hospital!!?? The whole night my mom and sister had taken turns holding the baby when I was induced to sleep after operation. 4 days I was admitted in the hospital and only the second day they provided us with a cradle. And the nursing services they provided were pathetic!!! My sister-in-law had to take me for bathroom breaks and bath – that was really embarrassing! All the nurses came were for giving injections and pills! We had to remind them everyday to send someone to clean the room and they would get so irritated when we did that.
That was hospital’s part. Next comes from the people around me. I am not going to be specific on who did what but for GOD SAKE! How can people NOT USE their brains before giving opinions, suggestions and passing comments!!!?? Some were dead set on scaring me that my body is never going to be like before as I had operation. They had stories of never ending back pains to problematic pregnancies. Others had problem with my milk supply, even though the doctor had warned me it would take time for milk to come in as I had operation, by the third day also when milk wasn’t coming out properly people were like my son was starving and would have to live on formula.
I guess my postpartum depression phase was also kicking in so I was not able to take all these things like a joke and leave it. I was already feeling upset on going through a surgery and delivering baby earlier than due date. I was literally stressing out on everything. I would cry out of nowhere. And instead of giving me a happy and joyful environment, when all this came in I was finding it so hard to cope. Like really, wouldn’t it be nice if they appreciated me for the pain I went through and the hard work I was doing??!!

My hubby was busy with purchasings and paper works for the baby and whenever he was at the hospital with me, there would be other relatives around, so I just couldn’t share my feelings with him. I would have felt much better if I had that chance!
My sanity savior at that time was my sister! She would stay awake with me the whole night and lighten my mood cracking jokes and talking about movies and serials!

Anyway by the end of my hospital stay, I had had enough and wanted to get home soon! That was a exciting time as I, hubby and baby dressed in matching outfits and clicked pictures!Lessons learned from my Birth Story!

  • Consult, Consult, Consult with other mothers and know about their experiences before deciding the hospital for your delivery.
  • Be brave enough to open up and ask about any treatment they do on you. It’s your body, you have the right to know.
  • Know that postpartum depression is a real thing. It happens due to the sudden decrease of hormones in your body. Being ready for it will help you deal with it easily. Also let your husband and near ones also learn about it so that they can create a happy environment around you.
  • Understand the difference between people who advise you for your good and those who advise to scare and upset you. Ignore the latter and avoid them if possible.
  • Pregnancy and delivery are an unpredictable phase. No one can say what will happen. So keep your mind flexible.

8 thoughts on “Birth Story of Little Zain – Part 2

  1. Those days were beautiful+irritating for u ryt!!….bt for me it was a dream come true….cz i really really prayed fr this day…takin care f my sis`s kid….Thank you Allah fr grantin my sis such a cute boy n fulfillin her n my dream!!!…SHUKRAN ALLAH <3<3<3...n thnx to u too sissy fr doin soo much fr Zain!!


  2. Man, you went through some really testing times. Some people seriously dunno when to talk and when not to. Sweet you guys clicked pix in matching outfits. So absolutely adorable you had your sis helping you out at all times. Very nice post and really a good lesson to new mums.


  3. So sorry to hear that you had to go through so much pain and stress. Postpartum depression is very common among women. I totally know the kind of people that come by with the worst comments and stories. INstead of giving assurance, they only scare the new mom. Don't worry, all this't will be gone. just don't entertain all this. So sweet of your sister. God bless her. Hospitals can be really annoying especially with patient care. always ask them what they are doing to you, it is very important and yes, you have all rights, it is your body. you can refuse treatments that you feel is not going to do any good for you. God bless you all.


  4. It really was a testing time…glad am over it now…such situations combined with postpartum depression is really terrifying! I will forever be grateful to my sis for being with me…


  5. God bless you too Sweety…I am glad to be over with hospital stay…i guess being Indians one can just nevr escape from such kinds of comments yea?? Ignoring such ppl is the best solution


  6. Hey A huge congrats to you Abi.. Not for delivering alone but to admit such stuff.. Do you know not many ppl will openly admit that the first days after delivery are quite miserable… Cause everyone just wants it to be the perfect fairy tale… And I too had issues not similar but yes..issues were there…


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