Finally! I am a Mom! :) :)

Hey All!!
How are you all doing??
I am so happy to let you all know that Allah has blessed us with a cutie cuddly BABY BOYYY!!
My due date was 15th April 2014 but I gave birth on 29th March 2014!
Everything happened so unexpectedly that many of my plans flopped but more on the birth story later…
For now I just wanted to share my happiness with you all!

 Thank you to all my friends who prayed, supported and wished me well throughout my pregnancy!
We named our little Prince ‘Zain Abdullah’! Alhamdulilah…. He is totally everything I wished for! I am happy I could complete my pregnancy state and bring my little Zain to this world healthy and safe.
Now I pray I prove to be a good Mom!!

Wish me good luck buddies! Hope you all have a wonderful day!!

8 thoughts on “Finally! I am a Mom! :) :)

  1. Congratulations Abidha! I have been following your journey with eager anticipation as Im due in peak summer (inshaAllah) Im so happy for your lil bundle of joy! MashaAllah, Alhumdulillah!
    Love & Prayers


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