2nd Trimester with Baby #1

When my second trimester started I wanted to kill the ladies who said all symptoms would vanish after 1st trimester. I was still vomiting that yellow stuff occasionally, heartburn did not want to leave me and I was still all lethargic and tired.
Only towards the end of my 4th month (15 weeks) did I start feeling like myself again. The nauseatic feeling had stopped and I could eat again without burning my chest. So I totally gave in to my cravings!
Now, I was not having those kind of cravings where I’d feel like I’d die if I don’t get what I wanted nor did I crave for anything in particular. I liked all salty, savory, spicy stuff and disliked sweets! I loved having pastas, curries, samosas, papdi chaats and pani puri. I became extremely lazy to go for walks or exercise. I continued to do the yoga meant for second trimester but not regularly. As a result I put on a lot of weight. But I tried to keep up with some yoga.
In my 5th month (18-21 weeks) people started asking if I felt baby movements but I absolutely felt nothing. I would constantly keep myself alert to feel anything but seriously I could not feel anything. I was really worried and seriously some people like to add fuel to fire by narrating horrible stories!! It was only during my 22nd week I felt 1st movements. It was like something fluttering inside me. It was such a beautiful moment in my life and I was so much relieved! My hubby was dying to feel them but it would take time to feel the movements outside the belly. Somewhere around 26th week my hubby got his first kick from the baby. You had to just see his face! It was like a child getting a toy he wanted from long time!
Then on my baby was kicking and punching away. Alhamdulilah, the scanning reports showed the baby was normal and healthy. It was always moving during the scan. I could see those tiny hands and legs. I never wanted the doctor to stop the scan! I could watch my baby forever.

My blood level showed a slight increase in sugar levels. I was only starting to eat sweet stuff again when this happened! All the new year celebrations had got me eating cakes and sweets. Though my sugar level hadn’t crossed the border, the doctor advised me to stay away from sweet stuff! Well, all the time until then I disliked sweets, once I had to control my levels I started loving sweets all of a sudden!
Physically I did not feel any other complications. I was glad I could eat things and had no scent problem. I have heard of women who disliked their husband’s scent during pregnancy. But thankfully I had no such issues. I was the happiest when my hubby was near me!
My tummy started protruding out towards the last of my 5thmonth (25-26 weeks). I always thought I would freak out at that moment but I couldn’t wait for it. Little by little it was coming out and I felt I looked cute.


Love to read your feedback, enquiries and opinions. Leave them down here and I will get back to you asap! Good Day!

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