1st Trimester with Baby #1

Getting pregnant was a dream come true for me! It is a dream for every girl but if you have read my previous post on what I went through, you would know this was a moment I was dying for!! It was soon after Ramadan when I realized some tiny person was growing in there. I couldn’t get a better Eid gift than this from Allah! Our prayers were answered!
I was 5 weeks pregnant by then (you can read all about how Igot to know I was pregnant here). I was on controlled diet and did regular exercise those days. I have written all about my fitness routine in my fitness page. I lost about 3 kg and was starting to feel healthy. Guess the prayers and healthy changes I made in my life helped me with conceiving as well.
In the first trimester, each woman experience different symptoms. I have already talked a little about my experiences in my first trimester in my announcement post. This is just a touch up. Heartburn and breathlessness were my biggest issues. After a few minutes of eating anything, my chest would be on fire!! I would constantly burp and get all acidic taste in my mouth! Some mornings I would vomit some yellow liquid the moment I brushed my teeth. I disliked sweets and coconut! Sweet stuff made me all nauseated and coconut chutneys made my heartburn worse! I could also not stand the smell of raw onions! My diet was mostly fruits and veggies as all cooked food gave me heartburn. I always felt hot and breathless. I would Iiterally eat ice and apply ice packs to my belly and back! I was really tired and wanted to sleep all the time! But Thankfully I did not have any other health complications. I found this great yoga video on YouTube which helped me a great deal with heartburn, breathlessness and tiredness. I really felt relaxed and good after doing this but always make sure with your doctor before you do any physical exercise. If you have any complications, you need to rest than stress your body!

Man I really hated going to work those days! I felt tired most times and constantly dreamed about my bed. I would get all irritated and angry when the workload was high. And somehow, those times were the busiest in my office! I would particularly get irritated with this lady who advised me stop being depressed and be active! I am not depressed for God’s Sake! I am the happiest I have ever been! I can’t just help it when my body has shut down the production of “Active’ hormone!! Right???

Anyway, forget the depressing topic! Let’s move on!

I found a lot of solace in this app I downloaded in my cell – ‘My Pregnancy Today’ by the website www.babycenter.com. It helped me keep track of my weeks and physical changes. Being pregnant the first time, there would be loads of doubts and anxiety. Add that with contradicting advices and horror stories from the ‘know-it-all-ladies’, you’d start wondering what’s right and what’s wrong. This app literally had all answers to my doubts and worries. Their website has even more information. This app is not just for pregnant ladies, it gives information and tips to mothers on taking care of babies, toddlers, preschoolers and mothers themselves.

I had monthly scannings and I could see my baby shift from a tiny dot to a tiny human form. Whenever they made me hear it’s heartbeat, I felt it sounded like horses galloping – it was that fast! I was so very excited and couldn’t wait to feel my baby in my arms!! I felt like the time just wouldn’t move.
I felt like I achieved some big award when I completed the first 3 months!




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