February Recap!

I have been counting days till the end of February and you will know why in a minute. 
Here’s the time to go for a recap!!
Starting week it was my best friend’s birthday and she had invited me and close friends to her house. Everyone couldn’t turn up – which was sad. She baked her own birthday cake. I had only a tiny bit because doctor had warned me of my sugar levels. She had also made Pizza and Chole Puri which was all too yummy that this was the only photo I could manage to take. We were all too busy gobbling up everything!!
I completed 30 weeks of pregnancy this month. I am officially in the 8th month of my pregnancy. So, towards the starting of my 30th week, I started having this cramping sort of pain in my belly and lower back. I had read in Babycenter.com that this is normal but when I went to see my doctor, she touched all over my belly and said as I have started getting pain I needed to take rest. She said I have at least try to complete 8 months with baby inside otherwise I could go into premature labour. I got totally worried.
I took one week leave from my office and was under rest. It was really boring to just lie down all day without going out and all. I am such an outdoor person that it was literally driving me crazy. Now to top this all up, Towards the end of that week I ended up catching Viral fever. Man! and I thought I was having a bad time till then. I started coughing so badly. For two days I tried managing it by drinking milk with turmeric and honey with ginger juice. But with the on set of fever I started shivering real bad. I was taken to hospital, my temperature was 39 degrees!! I mean, I have never reached that temperature in my life till now! Doctor admitted me there and said we have to bring your temperature down as it is dangerous during pregnancy.
Coughing really made my days terrible. The Doctor couldn’t give any high dose medication as I was pregnant so I had to deal with my cough at a slow pace. I am still coughing as I type this. With my growing belly it is difficult to sleep in one position and this cough was just not helping! It got worse at night and my sleep was always disrupted. Anyway, I was admitted for two days and my temperature came down.
I am back home now and have started going for work again. My belly is growing and Alhamdulilah my baby is safe and happily bouncing away!!
This is how my February went by. I get this weekly injection to keep myself from going into premature delivery from all the pain and coughing. One thing I am so happy about is that I just have lots of people to care for me. Alhamdulilah!!
Hopefully all will go well. In Sha Allah!
Keep me in your prayers!
Hope you have a wonderful time ahead!



2 thoughts on “February Recap!

  1. Abi, please introduce me to that friend of your's. She really should be a close friend of mine you know, if she can bake a cake, pizza and all… Hehe.. Awesome that you got to attend the party. Hey, so sad to know you got a viral fever that too when you are in your 8th month. Coughing while you are pregnant is a nightmare :(.. So awesome that you are ok now dear :). Masha Allah..


  2. He he…she n her mom r real wonderful cooks that they made me a fan of north Indian food!!
    8th month was really a testing period for me.. Alhamdulilah its all ok now 🙂
    So sweet of you to be so caring ♡♡


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