January Favorites!

Hello Everyone!!
It is time where I share with you my monthly favorites. So let’s dig in!
Beauty Favorites
I wanted to try some color on my eyes and hence bought this last month.  I am really loving it now. The color is really vibrant and long lasting. I would like to try other colors in this range now.
I bought this when I wanted to buy a nude lipstick and just bought it without trying this based on the comment from the saleslady, ‘this will look so good on you ma’am’!! I’m still learning to stop myself from falling prey to such salesladies!! So, after coming home and trying, it obviously did not match my skin tone! It looked a little frosty on me. So I started mixing this up with other colors I have. I really like the consistency of this product. It’s creamy and so smooth.
YouTube Favorites
Islam is NOT a Religion of Peace??? by Lebo2196
A great response video to people who judge Islam based on baseless news reports and actions of people.
DIY Valentine’s Day inspired Room Decoration by Bethany Mota
Elsa inspired makeup by Charisma Star
New find – Gena M
I have always been trying to find a perfect way to care for my curly hair. That’s when I found this beautiful lady. My hair is just like her and I am trying to get tips from her
Happiness project by Lorandlayton
+LoraAndLayton are on this Happiness Project to better their lives in 2014. Lora is basically trying to be more healthy, more organized and good things like that. These videos are really motivating 🙂 🙂 I am linking one video here. You can find more on her channel.
Daily Skincare and Makeup routince by MissGlamorazzi
Post workout routine by Miss Glamorazzi
Blog Favorites
I think this post was really humorous yet true to the last point. I really did not enjoy this movie for the same points!!
Irene did my Cozy Winter Tag post and it’s really fun to read her favorites.
This is a post again by Irene on organizing travel bag for toiletries and beauty products.
Trying to know the quality of a product from reviews can be confusing and irritating because of the numerous reviews both good and bad online. It can be difficult to know which review is genuine and stuff like that. Naznin has done a very informative and guiding post to save such confusion.

Ridiculous by Namitha

Namitha Kashyap writes such fun posts that I really love reading them more than once. She has started this short story like posts which is really fun. Until now she has published 3 parts of it. I can’t wait for the next now 😉
News Favorites
An article published in Weekend that really touched my heart. I respect the brave way this little girl is facing the trauma that happened in her life.
Movie Favorites
This was a movie that makes you don’t want to miss even one scene while watching it. Here, you see Mohanlal playing a character fit for his talent and image! It does not have mindless fighting scenes or dance numbers. You will be willing to watch this movie for the story and suspense it carries till the end.
This movie shows the story of a simple man and family whose peaceful life gets threatened when the eldest daughter is blackmailed by a wealthy boy she met in a study tour. He threatens to publish a video of hers which he captures secretly while she was bathing if she doesn’t fulfill his wishes! She and her mom kills the boy accidentally while trying to save themselves and hide his body in a compost pit. The rest of the movie shows how this man tries to save his family from the hands of law and shame.
So that’s it for my favorites this month. What were your new finds and favorites? I would love to know.
I hope you all enjoy your day!

4 thoughts on “January Favorites!

  1. Hiya Abi!. Love this post.. I haven't tried out the khol liner. I think the blue liner would really make your eyes stand out and would make you look gorgeous. Great choice. The nude lipstick on the other hand, would make your face dull, I feel. You really gotta learn to say no to salesladies.. Hehe. I know its hard but I have learned the hard way. Well, I never knew of Missglamorazzi. Loved her skincare routine videos (that kind of videos is one of my favs to watch on YT). That post about Dhoom was just hilarious. Haha. Too good!. When the auto rickshaw scene came, my husband basically leaned towards me and said “Just kill me please!”. Haha. We saw that in the theater. Also I just loved Drishyam. Very nice movie and I love your short and precise review about it. Man, Ayushi is such a strong girl. Well, altogether, lovely post and love your favs, Abi!


  2. Hey!! You are right..blue liner really makes the eyes stand out and this perticular shade is so vibrant and beautiful. If we get the right shade of nude lipstick for the skin tone it will actually make you look really hot. I am practicing now on dealing with saleladies 😉 😛
    I couldn't stop laufing reading about your hubby's reaction to Auto scene…lolzzz…
    Thanku so much for such a great feedback! 🙂 ❤


Love to read your feedback, enquiries and opinions. Leave them down here and I will get back to you asap! Good Day!

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