January Recap!

I can’t believe January is over already! Since the starting of my pregnancy I always complained the time was not moving for me but this month I somehow felt like it flew by! I was totally busy with hospital appointments and family get togethers! I actually had some posts ready but need little finishing touches. In Sha Allah in Feb they will be uploaded one by one.
We celebrated my Dad’s birthday on 6th of this month. We surprised him with cake and gifts. He was really happy and we had fun!

Me and my best buddies from school and college have kept a promise that we would get together at least once a month. So far we have been successful. This month we all met up in Al Wahda Mall. It was so much fun. I know how after marriage a girl can get overwhelmed by responsibilities and all that they totally forget to even keep in touch with friends. But our first get together after a looong time made us realize that once in a while we need to give ourselves a break too! It just really refreshes you! So just go meet your friend and have a fun time!

Now to the main part! This month was a very important one for me. I haven’t really talked about this until now but if you have read my very first post in this blog (click if you’d like to read), you must have read the part where I told that getting married was not an easy ride for me and my hubby. According to Indian standards, the parents choose the spouse for their children. Choosing one yourself is considered a BIG SIN! Of course this is not the case everywhere, my parents really supported and trusted me a lot even when some people advised them to lock me up!! But I realized these things still exist when my wedding topic came up! My in-laws fell into this category and they wouldn’t accept our relation. Whether the girl is good or bad was not the issue, he chose a girl by himself was the problem. Well, to cut a one year and a half long struggle story short, we ended up having no other option but to get married against their wishes! I know…that was rude but we had no other option. We couldn’t just leave each other (believe me we tried) and consider another person in our lives! It was a hard decision for both of us! No matter how people blame us, we knew how much we love our parents! We were not having a sinful relation that would make our parents ashamed and so, we believed God would help us! We were heartbroken because we had wished a wedding where all would be happily accepting and blessing us.

Like they say, everything happens for a reason and now I realize why all this happened. Subhanallah…. Alhamdulilah…. Masha Allah… My in-laws have finally accepted us after 2 years of our wedding. My in-laws are changed people now, they have understood there is much more to life than just baseless traditions! Now when they have accepted me, they are treating me like a daughter (this was more than my expectations). I pray this never changes and I prove to be a good daughter-in-law.

 It happened so fast that I still can’t believe it. I am scared if I would wake up and realize it was all a dream! Though I am so very happy, I am scared to just scream it out! Do you know how that feels?? I hope I don’t go in-sane! I had a silent prayer that when my baby comes out he/she gets to see all family smiling at him/her and I just can’t believe God has accepted my prayers. I want to cry and laugh and dance and God knows what!

So this is what my January was like. I don’t even remember what else happened this month. Lolzzzzz.. I hope you would understand why I was not blogging as much this month.
As for the shopping part this month, I bought the Urban Decay Lush Lash Mascara from which I mentioned in my Wish List! So that ticks one product out of my wish list. I bought it from Sephora in Al Wahda Mall for AED 121/-. As of now I am happy but it’s still early to give a proper review. Will be reviewing it soon!! 

I also bought a small bag from NewLook. This would be easy to take when you go for shopping and all than carrying a huge one!

Take care all
Stay positive and Believe in God!!



5 thoughts on “January Recap!

  1. I wanted to share wit u tht i was in ur shoes (marriage part) n i really can vey well understand how u had gone through..everyone tld this can b a mistake but whn u hear after many yrs tht u made the best choice n hez the perfect for u no words or no feeling can b described at all..thankful the Almighty tht he helped me mke the perfect choice…couldnt imagine myself anyver else than Shanawas wife n ys v also did try to b away considering everyones happiness but u knw it right…but ys all happens for gud 🙂 now allahmudillah a happy family


  2. Masha Allah….I am very glad to hear from someone who had similar experience.
    Wish you have a very happy and blessed married life. Ameen
    If you are clean from your heart and always want good for others…God will be with you too :))


  3. Oh Abi!. What a great news.. I am so happy for you. I actually didn't know about your in laws. In fact I was under the impression that you lived with them here in Abu Dhabi, like one big happy family!. So you were living with just your husband?. I am happy that it all worked out in the end. Hey, you got that mascara. Will wait for your review but I am not sure I (personally) would buy a mascara of that price range. Nice post, dear!


  4. Thanku Sweety!!
    Yes, I have been living with my hubby. Now we can be one big happy family and I am really very happy! 🙂 🙂 I know the mascara is really pricey. I had a hard time deciding wthr to buy it but decided to give in because of it's claim to make lashes stronger and longer. Let's see if it lives up to it's claims 🙂


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