My Wish List – 2014!

A girl can never have enough of anything. Yeah??
There is always something or the other she’s always planning to buy. So, being a typical girl, I too have my wish list. Most products you’ll see here are really pricey and that’s exactly why they’re still on my wish list! There are things I have been putting off for nearly two years due to price and doubts of whether they would be worth it! Nevertheless I thought I would share with you my wish list. If you have had experience with any of these, do let me know how you like or maybe hate it! 😉
I don’t think I’ll be able to buy all of these but anyways we’ll see to that later.. In Sha Allah;)
  1. Personal Microdermabrasion Pro aka PMD
If someone told me to choose just one product out of my wish list, I would be choosing this. This has been raved about by women and men of all ages. Used once a week, it helps remove the dead cells and improves cell turnover. It has been proved to reduce pores, acne scars and wrinkles. I just can’t wait to get my hands on these 🙂 🙂
  1. Clarasonic Aria
Another cleansing device. This can be used daily and helps skin look fresh. It also gives you a nice massage.
  1. Urban Decay Lush Lash System
Lashes!! I have really short scanty lashes. I really couldn’t help it when I heard about this serum which would help lashes grow!! I couldn’t find it here in Sephora, so guess I have got to go online now!
  1. Urban Decay Lush Lash Mascara
If you have read my Review post on Maybelline Mascara, you would know I am on the hunt for a good lengthening mascara. That is when I came across this one. It claims to be infused with Peptides that help lashes grow. I am waiting to finish my Maybelline mascara to buy this one. It is available in Sephora in Al Wahda Mall – Abu Dhabi.
  1. Urban Decay Naked Palette
This is my dream palette. This has been raved on and on by so many people for its quality! 🙂
  1. Coach Diaper Bag
Recently Lora from +LoraAndLayton posted a ‘What’s in my diaper bag’ video on her channel and raved on about this bag. That’s it! I fell in love with it! And now no other brand seems to touch my heart like this one. I just love the plain and signature one. The signature one is less pricey but I’m still not sure if I’ll really go ahead and buy this one. It’s not available here locally and it’s really pricey!
  1. GlamGlow YouthMud Face Mask
This face mask has been raved about for refreshing and softening skin. I’d love to give it a try!
  1. Alterna Caviar Clinical Daily Detoxifying Shampoo
If you have read my resolution post, you’d know I am planning to revive my hair. I have really thick curly dry hair. It is also a little damaged from a Keratin treatment I did. Instead of treating my hair, it completely spoiled it!! I have a combination of oily scalp and dry hair, which means I need to take extra care than the regular.
I came to hear about the Alterna brand from +Huda Kattan from Huda Beauty and I have been reading reviews of others since. Well, the thing about reading reviews is that, you see both extremes! Some love it and some hate it! You just have got to make out what’s genuine! Some people go ahead and write reviews just after a couple of uses and some really take time to see the results and side effects before reviewing. I prefer to believe the latter. People who have used this up to a year claimed that it really did help with oily scalp, hair loss and hair growth. It is sulfate free too.
I have put myself under control by keeping a promise to buy hair products only after finishing what I have!! 😉 😉 😉
  1. Alterna Caviar Clinical Daily Root & Scalp Stimulator
A leave-in treatment to boost healthy hair growth.
  1. Alterna Caviar Repairx Instant Recovery Conditioner
When I use a product for oily scalp, the requirement comes that I keep my dry hair from the stripping effect. So I plan to buy this Repairx Conditioner when I purchase their Detoxifying Shampoo. It claims to help reduce breakage, control frizz, strengthen and soften hair.
  1. Alterna Caviar Repairx Micro-Bead Fill & Fix Treatment Masque
It’s probably looking like I am going crazy over Alterna. But I really can’t help it! This mask promises to nourish and strengthen each strand leaving hair soft, manageable and shiny!
  1. Alterna Caviar Repairx Retexturing Protein Cream
Oh c’mon…enough with Alterna already!!! Yeah?? I too have no idea what’s wrong with me! This cream claims to be a deep restorative treatment for coarse, brittle strands and repair damage caused by heat and chemical styling. Now, doesn’t that sound like my hair???
The End! 🙂 🙂 🙂
My hubby is literally going to faint if he reads this list and probably drop down dead if he knows the prices of these!! Lolzzz… 
Well….these are just wishes and I will try and save up to buy them. I know I have many other responsibilities and necessities coming up and this list will not take over them. These can wait until I really can afford to buy them without crying. There’s nothing wrong in wishing yeah???
So these are the products I am really looking forward to own! What about you?
Also do let me know if any of you have used these products and you opinions on them.
Have a wonderful day!




17 thoughts on “My Wish List – 2014!

  1. Oh boy!. Your likes are very similar to mine. I have heard so many good things about PMD and though I would like to own it, it's not on the top of my list. My top wish has got to be Foreo Luna. I want it so bad. Hopefully I'll buy it this year but the guilt of spending would haunt me for long time. It costs over 200 US dollars. The Glam Glow mud is something I have been hearing great things about. You think it's more for oily skin?. Also have heard about Alterna. A luxury brand indeed!. I would love to own a Coach bag some day. Nor the style shown here though. Loved seeing your wish list!


  2. I have heard so many good things about Foreo Luna too. They say its best suited for sensitive skin which cannot bear brushing and scrubbing. When you get one, I would be really looking forward to your review on it 🙂
    GlamGlow face mask is suited for skin. The one I have shown here is for refreshing the skin, they have other masks too. Click on the link (the title is linked to their website) to get a detailed picture 🙂
    The Coach bag I have shown here is a Diaper Bag which comes with changing pad and loads of pocket for kiddo stuff 😉 You really need a huge bag to carry their things max to the age of 5! Coach bags, I hear, are really long lasting and durable yet stylish..but very expensive 😦 so am not sure if I'll really buy it! Do lemme know if you know of other good brands!
    Thanx a lot for your feedback Dear 🙂 ❤


  3. Hey Abi!. Foreo Luna is all for all skin types. They have ones for oily skin, normal skin and combination skin. All are different colors. It's gentle enough to be used for sensitive skin too but it's not made especially for that skin type. Did you mean GlamGlow is for 'all' skin types?. You missed typing that.


  4. Oops…Yes I did mean 'all' skin types. 😉 😉 The mask is to be used only a couple of times a week. I heard it has a tingling sensation when applied and some people with sensitive skin felt it burn. So do take care if your skin's sensitive. 🙂
    Thanx for the info on Foreo Luna, i have got to check it out 🙂


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