Happy New Year!!!

2013 has been a year of mixed emotions for me!!
Beginning of the year I was recovering from the surgery I went through in November 2012. It was an open surgery and I lost a lot of blood and weight. It did take some time to heal physically but mentally I was totally heartbroken about losing a baby. I have written all about my surgery here.
Hubby and I had travelled to India during February for a relatives wedding! During our stay in India, my hubby injured his knee playing football and I got infected with food poisoning! It was not a very good vacation for us! My hubby is still recovering from the injury.
In May, I started my blog. I had been thinking about this for a while and finally took my first step into blogging world! The best thing that has happened to me from blogging is that I got two very good friends. +Naznin Azeez and Irene from +Drabto Fab. They have been very sweet and supportive in my blogging experience. Naznin has been blogging for around two years and you will find lots of fun posts on her blog. I personally love reading her reviews on the books she reads. It just leaves me craving to know the story!! Irene is a new blogger like me. I got to know about her through Naznin. I love the humorous touch she has in her posts. She does very good hauls and reviews of products. I got many good product suggestions from her blog. Anyway I feel so lucky to get them!  I love you!! ❤
In June, we went for Um’rah. It was the first Um’rah after our wedding and it was a really spiritual and peaceful experience!
Ramadan came during July bringing joyful blessing with it. Eight months after my surgery I conceived! My happiness had no limits!! We also celebrated our 2nd Wedding Anniversary on 31st July!
After that, I was literally in a roller coaster ride of my life! Though it was tough and exhausting, the happiness I felt and my family’s support got me through it all until now. I am currently in my second trimester and In Sha Allah, I pray all goes well!
As this year comes to an end, I pray in the next year the world would become a better place to live in.
I pray people would forget all differences and accept each other without any grudges and live in peace and harmony.
Be happy with what you have and stop drooling over what others have, you have no idea what their life is like!
Stop looking at other’s faults and look into improving yourselves!
Learn to Give, Share, Forgive and Pray for others.
I pray that all your wishes, the good ones…mind you (wink), comes true!
As the New Year approaches may you find yourself surrounded by friends and family who would be ready to be by your side through thick and thin.
I wish you all a Very Very Happy and Prosperous New Year!!



8 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!!

  1. I loved reading through this post, dear. Sorry to know about your husband's knee injury. Hope he heals soon. Thank you for mentioning me and am so glad you found Irene through me. She is such a sweetie. I love you and her too!. Have an amazing year ahead. Can't wait to hear about your baby in the near future!. Masha Allah!


  2. Naz is really a gem of a person. Even I met her through blogging. Truly wonderful friend to have. I hope you have a wonderful new year ahead and you are successful in everything you do. Hope and pray all good comes out from this coming year ahead 🙂


  3. God bless you too sweety…May this and coming years be filled with loads of happiness and good news for you..
    You got the right word for Naz…she really is a Gem and not everyone truly appreciates another person like this, so you are a gem too…I am so glad I found you ❤ ❤ ❤


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