December Favorites!

Hello Everyone!!
I hope you are all in pink of health! As December comes to an end, I am going to tell you about the products I loved this month!
Beauty Favorites
Ever since I bought this lipstick, I have been loving it a lot! I never thought I could really wear a red lipstick ever. Thanks to Samyukta’s post on I Simply Love Makeup, I could find a red lippie that would suit my skin tone. Choosing the right color of lipstick is really important. Lot of Asian people tend to buy lipstick matching it with their outfits and it makes them look all aged and aunty type. The right color instead would brighten your whole face and make you look fresh and young. I can’t wait to try other colors Samyukta suggested.
The body wash I tried before from Dove was the Cucumber scented one. I bought this after reading Irene’s post and I am truly thankful to her. The scent of this body wash reminds me of babies. You know how adorable babies smell…hope that makes sense! It makes you feel all yummy and pampered. I’m loving it!!
Food Favorites
After getting pregnant, I have been trying my best to avoid all junk foods like KFC, McDonalds, etc.. I have always wanted to try Subway but somehow never got a chance. It was during an outing that I got so hungry and did not have anything on hand to snack on. That was when I tried my first Subway Sandwich. And now as you can guess I am a fan!! They say they bake their own bread and you get to choose what veggies go into your sandwich. My personal favorite is the Parmesan Oregano Bread. Until now I have tried their Meatball, Oven Roasted Chicken and Chicken Tikka Sandwiches. None of them have failed me. Can’t wait to try other sandwiches.
  • Masala Tea
I am literally addicted to this tea!! Especially during the cold season it soothes your body and the ginger in it is good for your throat and digestion as well. It would also keep you from getting colds and flu during the winter. I have really lost count of how many time I have had this during this month. I love it!!
YouTube Favorites
  • Amenakin Bridal Wear
I can’t tell you how much I wish I had seen this post before my wedding!
  • Robert’s Lotion Bar
I didn’t know making body lotion was this easy!!
Blog Favorites
By the looks only I can make out this is going to be a yummy Popsicle. Can’t wait to try this out.
A short episode in the life of two best friends beautifully narrated! Enough said! Click the link and read on!

This is like a query post where a guy asks help on his marriage issue. This kind of problem is seen a lot in South Asian marriages and it has led to a lot of broken marriages.  I really wish parents and relatives see the seriousness behind why a person’s consent should be taken before fixing their wedding.
My dear friend is truly talented. I just loved this cardigan she made. It is perfect and cute for children in the winters.
Movie Favorites
I haven’t really spoken out about this yet but I ADOREEEE cartoons! You can go ahead and call me a kiddo but I would never stop loving cartoons. And I can have no better partner to watch cartoons with me than my sister. She is as crazy as I am about these things! What I loved most about this cartoon is that, they broke out from their traditional true love between boy and girl to show true love exists between other relationships as well (between sisters in this movie).
Another cartoon! Lolzzz… It’s a story about a snail who wishes he were faster and could win races! It might sound silly but it was really funny and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it!
Song Favorites
  • Malang from Dhoom3
How can I just not love this song!!! The music and set is all just lovely!
Couldn’t find a proper video version for this song. Sorry! 😦
  • Let it Go from Frozen
This is a lovely song from Frozen.
So that’s it for my favorites this month. What were your new finds and favorites? I would love to know.
I hope you all enjoy your day and stayed tuned for my December Recap tomorrow!

13 thoughts on “December Favorites!

  1. Hiya Abi!. I loved reading your post. I do have a red lipstick. However it's a no name brand. But it looks good on me. I know that's not helpful :P. It was a gift from a friend who suggested I try out red. I will check out Fatal Red. Girl, I LOVE Subway. You gotta try Subway Club and Subway Melt. My two favs and tell me whether you like it. I prefer Parmesan Oregano too. I loved the bridal looks particularly the simple but elegant look 1. That lotion bar video is really nice and simple. I loved those tiny containers in the end. So versatile and great for DIY doers!. I am a huge lover of animations too. My partner is my brother (who is 4 years elder to me!!)!. My husband though doesn't understand my love for it and says I should grow up :P.. I haven't seen Frozen but I would like to. I love the songs Malang and Kamli from Dhoom 3. It will be my favorite for a long time from now. So so nice!. The Let it go song is nice. I had never heard it before. Hey, I am so glad and happy to meet you in this year!. I look forward to a great year of friendship ahead of us in 2014. Love you so much, Abi!


  2. Caffeine taken in large quantities is not good during pregnancy or if you are trying to conceive…
    It seems there are women who drink as much as 8 cups of coffee a day!! That is really bad!
    However in moderate amounts its ok….In tea the amount of caffeine is less than in coffee..
    I personally use less tea leaves and more milk in my tea…
    I am linking an article from baby center here. You will get more detailed info 🙂


  3. That was the most touching comment ever on my blog till now… sob sob!! :')
    You are soooooo sweet!! A huge tight hug for you!!!
    The honour is all mine that I got to meet a friend like you this year. You have been a constant support and encouragement for me!
    I would have loved to know which brand that red lippie was from 😉 I will definitely try the Subway club and melt…
    My hubby does the same when I watch cartoons…lolzzz…but here and there he watches when he has no other option 😉 and then I can see him laughing and enjoying it too….but he just wouldn't admit it 😀 😀
    I hope we get to meet in person next year and pray our friendship continues forvever! 🙂 Love you loads!! ❤ ❤


  4. You are such a sweetheart, Abi… You support me a lot too!. My husband absolutely dislikes cartoons and animations. He doesn't even give it a chance. But my brother openly laughs and enjoys it much and so I love watching with him. See you in 2014!


  5. Hello there 🙂

    This is a nice concept 😀 Hi5 on the Subway part, I sometimes think I'll end up with a heart attack right there if they run out of jalapenos 😀

    And thanks so much for the link back, the fact that you liked it THIS much makes me SO happy 😀

    Have a fantastic new year ahead! 🙂



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