One year after the brutal rape case of ‘Jyoti’, Women still unsafe in India!

I am sure there would be no Indian who is not aware of who is Jyoti (or Nirbhaya) and what happened to her. In November, an article was published in the Friday, Gulf news where her mother spoke out about her daughter’s fate. After reading, I felt t it impossible to control my tears!! Click here to read.
The large public outcry against this incident ensured that the case hearing was hurried and the 4 out of 6 rapists were sentenced to be hanged till death. One of the rapist committed suicide and the other was ordered to be kept in a Reform house as he was a minor (I just don’t get the reason behind treating him like he was just a small boy who stole a cycle from the neighbor and just needs to be advised for his crime and send away)!
Just because of the public outcry this case was given partial justice! There are still many women being raped in India. Only 4 out of 10 cases are reported. Largely because of the deep-rooted conservatism of Indian society, where many victims are scared to come forward for fear of being “shamed” by their family and communities.
Those who do gather up courage to report a rape face numerous challenges in getting attackers put behind bars – dealing with apathetic police, unsympathetic medical examinations and no counseling, shoddy police investigations and weak prosecutions. One of the biggest obstacles to winning justice for rape victims is the length of the trials. An average case can take a court five to 10 years to reach judgment, legal experts say. India has far fewer courts for it’s billion population (Why? to make an impression we are corrupt free?).
After all that happened are women safer in India?  Has government taken any measure against the cruelty to women? Some people have been pointing out the dressing of women as the reason behind all this. Though I won’t fully oppose to that, is that the only reason for all this? If that was the case, why are children being raped? Yes! Even children are being raped in our country! Just some days back I got up to the disturbing news of a 13 year old girl molested by her own father in Kerala. I mean, how have people become degraded to this extend???? How can you look at your own daughter as a means to fulfill your pleasure? Did her dressing do that??? It would be wrong to compare such human beings even with animals!

Can’t girls be trusted with their own fathers now??
What about women in the rural areas exploited by men in higher societies? They don’t have money to buy proper food for family, how would they buy fashionable dresses to lure men???
Women have been exploited in our country from the past. Female infanticide, child marriages to older men, dowry, sati (burning widow alive with husbands dead body), selling girls into prostitution, higher caste men raping lower caste women, etc.. are some of them. How does dressing matter apply here people???
Day by day, with such news, I am becoming more and more ashamed of being an Indian. Crimes happening on one side and people trying to find reasons to cover them up than solving it on the other side! How can dressing alone be blamed for all this happenings? 
Don’t we need to change our concept about culture and tradition first?? Women are supposed to be respected! No one can go through the sacrifices she does as a daughter, sister and mother. Teaching about respecting women should be taught from the house first! In many Indian households (even now) women are treated like slaves! At a small age children grow up seeing their mothers treated like servants, sisters given away to the groom who asks less dowry (the groom’s character or girls likes not taken into account here) and men choosing rich wives for financial stability (Yeah! he can’t take care of things on his own). Children are fed with the idea of seeing women like a material for use and throw. When rarely anyone speak up against this, if boys they are praised but told this is tradition and should not be broken and if girls they are scolded for questioning tradition! Blah!
In India, in my place, by the time its 7 in the evening, mothers urge all children into the house and lock all doors! Nobody is allowed to go out after that unless some hospital emergencies come up! It continues to this day! I was born and bought up in the Middle East! Here you get out even at 3 in the night, the streets are full of people, even ladies! A lady can go out alone without fear! Why this difference?!
I will tell you why! Here women are respected and the rules for people who molest women even by looks and words are strict! So people would think 100 times before looking at a lady in wrong way. When a lady comes with a complaint, she is treated seriously and without making fun of her. I wish such laws were implemented in India as well.
As already proved, one time the public came out for a victim, the Government had no choice but to take the case in to action. Thousands of cases still lay unresolved! Many girls commit suicide out of shame and no support! This has got to stop! Somebody has got to open their eyes! How many more girls have to sacrifice their lives in order to open up our eyes!??





5 thoughts on “One year after the brutal rape case of ‘Jyoti’, Women still unsafe in India!

  1. True y is it taking so much time for a judgment..time process is juz too much n y isnt there strict rules as there in middleast forget night even daylight a women or a girl b it with anyone cant walk out how long can v supress our own daughters juz bcoz she was born as a girl where all girls n women r walking towards progress v juz coz of society n fears r holding back our girls..India still has a long way to go


  2. Abhida, you are so right. Few days back I was left alone in the city as my family had to travel for a wedding. I went to the mall and there were so many offers that I got a little late to head back home. As I walked through the streets at 9pm, the atmosphere transitioned from the mall to the streets slowly into a very awkward and unsafe feeling. I looked around and realized I was the only woman/girl walking around. I couldn't see any others on the street. Many cars passed by me and slowed down but other than one lewd comment, i reached home safely. It definitely was not a safe feeling and I have decided to go out only in the day time to shop. A lot of change has come into the country in the form of fear after the rapes have been giving more publicity in the newspapers. It is an impending matter that the country has to take charge of and deal with strongly


  3. I know, Abidha!! Today I was left with the similar situation, it's before Christmas so I couldn't stop loitering around the mall but I made sure I phoned up home to have someone pick me up by 10 and got home without any worry. Sadly, there have been couple of situations where even after being eve-teased in a crowded area no one came forth to help. I wish the public becomes more …..what's the word….active!!!


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