Maybelline Volume-Express One by One Washable Mascara – Review

So there I come back to Maybelline again!! I never noticed I use so many Maybelline products until I started this blog!! So let’s get straight to the review.

According to their website,

  • Patented Lash Catcher™ brush has 3 bristles per lash to make every lash count
  • Catches, coats and de-clumps each lash to make them all fatter and flirtier
  • Instant clump-free volume
  • Contact lens safe and ophthalmologist-tested
  • Washable, also available in Waterproof formula

Comes in a pink bottle with mascara wand attached to its screw top.

The ‘Wow’ factor

  • Budget friendly.
  • Separates and coats each lash without clumping them.
  • Comes in washable and waterproof formula.
  • Does not make the lashes look too dramatic. Can be used for daily and office wear.
  • Did not irritate my eyes.
  • Long lasting.
  • Travel friendly.

The ‘Hugh’ factor

  • Does not give lengthening effect to lashes.


AED 55
Where did I buy?
I would like to try a lengthening mascara. But will definitely come back if I don’t find anything I like.Recommend it?
If you are looking for lengthening mascara, this is not for you. But if you are looking for mascara that gives clump-free definition without too much drama, then this is definitely for you beauties!!
When it comes to the lash department, I have really short lashes. Sob! Sob! I just can’t stop staring at ladies with natural long lashes! Masha Allah!! I know there are lots of DIY solutions for lengthening lashes but haven’t seriously invested my time into it. Lazy Me!!
First and foremost, I love how Maybelline brings all their mascaras in washable and waterproof formula. I personally prefer washable formula for office because I don’t wear makeup all day. Also I tend to wash away all makeup when I need to pray, so during office hours I cannot waste too much time with makeup removers, especially around the eye area. So I prefer products that I can easily wipe or wash off with normal cleansers.
I bought this mascara after watching Bethany Mota’s August 2012 Favorites video. Before that I was using a mascara from MaxFactor, don’t remember which one exactly. Though it was a good mascara, it was waterproof and would come off only with olive oil, so I would avoid wearing it to office. Bethany said she loved the Maybelline mascara as it wouldn’t clump your lashes up to 5-6 coats (without letting the mascara dry).

Personally, I was really impressed with this mascara. It really separates each lash and coats them well. It also had this curling effect on the lashes. My lashes looked like it had more volume yet not the dramatic false lash effect. I don’t like too dramatic looks unless I plan on doing some stage shows!!

But as I mentioned, this mascara does not give any lengthening effect to the lashes. I really love this mascara and wish it had this feature too. I have been using this Mascara for almost a year now, and I am still deciding on what to buy next. In Maybelline itself, they promise lengthening effects with the Colossal and Illegal length mascaras. Do let me know if any of you have used them. Other suggestions are also welcome!!




5 thoughts on “Maybelline Volume-Express One by One Washable Mascara – Review

  1. Nice post Abidha.. And yes I have used the Colossal mascara.. That was my first mascara and OMG it was amazing… It really made my lashes doll like and I haven't found another mascara like it … For some time they discontinued it and now they bought it back again.. But that point of time I did not know much about makeup so I don't particularly remember if it was lengthening or volume… So im a bit fuzzy about the details.. All I know is that ppl actually noticed it… And even I want to try the illegal length…


  2. Hey Abi!. Nice post!. My favorite mascaras are from Rimmel London. I look for any mascara that separates the lashes and make them noticeable. My lashes aren't short but I wouldn't say it's super long too. My favorite mascara currently is Extra Super Lash by Rimmel. It specifically says 'Super lash separation' as one of it's features. I absolutely love it!. It's brush is pretty different from normal mascaras. It's available at Beauty Bay for AED 32 and is totally worth it!. Try it next. It slightly elongates. For my next mascara, am thinking of getting the Colossal one. Never tried Maybelline mascaras. I like the brush of the one you reviewed here too..


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