November Recap!!

Recaaap Timmeeee!! 🙂 🙂
This month has gone by fast for me. Most of my morning sickness has subsided and I feel normal. A tiny tummy has started to protrude out 🙂

Firstly let me tell about the stuff I bought this month. This month I was kind of treating myself for the good job my body has been doing! 😉 😉
6. St.Ives Brightening Apricot Scrub
8. Dove Body Wash in Go Fresh and Cream Oil
I did my second online shopping, this time from a site called I was introduced to this site by a makeup freak friend of mine, Muhsina Parveen. They sell beauty and baby products, most beauty products you will notice are the ones you don’t find locally in U.A.E. I wanted to get some makeup brushes and found they sell Sigma brushes!!! So I went ahead and bought two brushes for concealing and powder foundation. Review on these coming soon!!
Two makeup items I bought this month are the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer and Nyx  Makeup Artist Kit
Another thing I am excited about buying is this modest swimwear from Sports Direct – Khalidiya Mall for AED 395. Its from a brand called Veilkini. It feels really comfortable and doesn’t stick to your body after getting out of water. It has low water absorbency, resistant to salt water and quick drying. It has loose fitting top and trouser, comes with a sports bra and has a built in head cover.
I bought this beautiful dress from Style Studio – Mushrif Mall for AED 74
Winter season has put a start blessing U.A.E with rain!! Enjoyed a lot in the rain! My sister drenched herself in rain and was 4 days sick after it!! 😉
 We had BBQ party with our friends. It was a beautiful day out with friends and the weather was really wonderful!!
December 2nd is celebrated as the National day of U.A.E. This is the 42nd National Day. This year the happiness is double for the country with Dubai winning the Expo 2020. The whole country is decorated.  Look at my office decorated so beautifully. There is celebration mood everywhere. A big Congraaags to U.A.E!!!
A very good friend of mine from college, Shereen Banu Anwar has started a blog of crafts. Masha Allah! She is so very talented, do visit her blog and support her! I would personally like her to make my baby, those cute booties. Click here to go to her blog. She has more post about hand bags, beanies, earrings, etc..
This month ends with me and hubby leaving to Fujairah today to celebrate the holidays with my Sister-in-law and family!! Wish you all in U.A.E and those celebrating Thanksgiving a very happy holidays.
Hope you all had a wonderful month. Have a happy December!!! 🙂

4 thoughts on “November Recap!!

  1. I love this post, Abi!. I love all the things you bought. How is the Nyx palette?. Never seen it before. My gosh those kiddie boots are so amazing. She is sooo freaking talented indeed. I saw her other works and man I am impressed. Following her on GFC now. Do you wear a black Tshirt underneath that blue top you got from Style Studio?. The swim wear is nice. I saw many wearing that when I went to Dreamland Aqua park recently. Love all the pix!


  2. Thank you <3
    Nyx palatte is doing 50-50 for me…the lipsticks in this r not very good..
    Shereen is lovely…soon she is planning to sell these products she make…I am waiting for it 🙂
    Yes I wear black tshirt under and white are the tshirts i usually go for..
    the swimwear is really good…better than drenching myself in water wearing Salwar kameez and getting out with clothes sticking to my body 😉


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