November Favorites!!

Another month goes by. I can’t believe 2013 is coming to an end. It is now time to talk about my favorites for the month of November.
Beauty Favorites
This is the first time I am falling in love with a body cream. I bought this cream and have been using this regularly since the third month of my pregnancy. But I am going to use this as my body lotion even after pregnancy. I use this in combination with olive oil but even when used alone, it feels like a luxurious rich moisturizer. It makes the skin really smooth and soft. It is also Paraben and Phthalate free. I also love this for its scent. Review coming soon.
This is another Palmer’s product I have been loving. It really has a firming effect on your skin (of course, you won’t feel any difference if you depend on this alone without exercising and balanced diet). I have also been using this on my face and neck as well. During pregnancy you are supposed to stay away from products with ingredients like Retinoids, Salicylic acid, Beta Hydroxy Acid, Differin, etc (for more information regarding this, click here). Until now I was using Neutrogena’s Visibly Clear Oil free moisturizer on my face. Most oil free creams have Salicylic acid in them, this cream had it too. So that’s how I shifted to this product and I am really happy with it too.
Updated on 10th December, 2013: Do not use this on face. To know why read my review here.

Pregnancy has really taken its toll on my energy level. Add sitting in front of the system during full office hours to that and it’s a full package of stress. Though I try to cope it up by resting well after office, Hiding the tiredness off my face is really impossible. But this concealer has saved me there and saved me from looking dead in office or other functions I had to attend.  Read my detailed review here.

I own just two brushes from Sigma and I am just deeply in love with them. No wonder they are the best in market. I have the Precision round brush in P82 to work with concealer and Round Kabuki in F82 to use my powder foundation. These give me such airbrushed look without overdoing makeup on my face. Detailed review coming soon.
Food Favorites
Talking about food favorites might require another post all together. I have been eating like a hawk past month. I don’t like sweets much now. I am craving cheesy creamy foods like crazy. I have been eating lots of Pastas, Parathas and creamy curries like Butter Chicken and Mutter Paneer a lot.

YouTube Favorites
  • Baked French Toast by Laura Vitale
Just watch this and tell me how can you keep yourself from trying this french toast with a twist from home made cinnamon bread bread. I need to get a few more ingredients and I’ll make one too. Also watch the video where she makes her Cinnamon Bread from scratch.
  • Nutella S’mores in Oven by Laura Vitale
I tried this and they were delicious. Its so easy and doesn’t take you time at all.
  • ‘Devdas’ Inspired makeup by Lisa Eldridge
Wish I had seen this before my own wedding Its such a classy look.
  • Easy, Effortless Winged Liner look by Lisa Eldridge
An easy winged liner look that can be created easily. Perfect for day as well as night wear.
  • Vlogs by Lora and Layton
If you have read my past favorties, you would know how much I love watching Lora’s vlogs. They so fun, positive and full of life. I love the baby laughs from the first video. I just feel like getting my hands on that baby and squish him. He is so cute.
The second video, I felt bad hearing the boy got hurt at school. But I was really impressed by the way he dealt with the situation like a good boy. Way to go Trippy!!!
Blog Favorites
I have used cucumber one and loved it. After reading this review I tried the Cream Oil one. It smells absolutely luxurious and is gentle on skin.
DIY scrub are lovely. Its cheaper and more effective than the expensive store bought ones.
I also found another good DIY scrub in Laura Vitale’s Blog.
I am personally planning to try and combine these two and make a scrub.
An informative post on the differences between some products that are confused with each other.
An interesting yet truthful post on the realities of Indian marriages. This post throws light on yet another problem South Asians have to suffer in the name of Tradition.
Movie Favorites
It is a Malayalam detective type psychological thriller film. It is a story about a Police officer (Prithvi Raj)  heavily dependent on alcoholism to ease pain of lose of his family. His superior requests him to investigate a case involving the kidnappings and killings of several men, since the present police team is not able to find any progress in the case. Reluctant at first, he takes up the investigation on his mom’s request. The movie is filled with suspense and well made.
Song Favorites
  • Nagada Sang Dhol from Goliyonki Raasleela Ram-Leela
So that’s all of my favorites for the month of April. Do let me know your favorites. I’d love to hear your comments.
Take care Buddies!!



6 thoughts on “November Favorites!!

  1. Hey nice post, Abi!. Thanks for mentioning me :). I have never tried Palmer's products till now. Man, you are seriously craving!. Haha.. cheesy pastas!. Yum.. Girl, you gonna put on weight like hell.. Hehe.. But I know you cant stop cravings at this time!. Stay blessed sweetie!


  2. Hi Naznin…thank you so much 🙂 This Palmer's massage cream is seriously superb..I am getting rounder day by day..but for me one thing good about pregnancy is that you can't eat too much in one go…and the craving goes away just after you you eat a little..with little exercise and walking I am trying not to put on too much weight :)God bless you too dear!!


  3. Hi Abidha.. Thanks for mentioning me in your blog.. Btw I did use the Palmers stretch marks cream when I was pregnant and i had to discard it after one use cause i couldn't stand the awful fragrance… I was so surprised something could smell so bad.. Din't you feel anything?


  4. Memories n nagada song!!!same pinch 🙂 take gud care of ur health n stress put a big No board..always wonderful to read ur blogs though my reviews r not much but lovely to read dm May Allah give u all strength up


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