MAC Pro Longwear Concealer – Review

Today I will review about this concealer I have totally fallen in love with! This is my first MAC purchase. According to their website, “This is a lightweight fluid concealer that provides medium to full coverage with a comfortable, natural matte finish. Color-true formula lasts up to 15 hours. Helps conceal and correct the look of under-eye circles, and discolorations.”
The bottle comes packed in a black card board box. The product is in a clear glass vial with a matte black pump and contains 9ml of the product.
AED 110 (I was shocked to hear the price considering how small the bottle was but it was worth it).
Where did I buy?
MAC Store in Al Wahda Mall. You can also find MAC stores in Marina Mall and Abu Dhabi Mall.
The ‘Wow’ factor
  • Lightweight and gives natural matte finish. It looks just like skin like you are not wearing a concealer at all.
  • Dries fast and once set does not transfer, fade or crease.
  • Long lasting.
  • Medium to full coverage.
  • Highly pigmented so you need very little amount to work with. Worth the money.
The ‘Hugh’ factor
  • The dispenser pumps way too much product. So I have to save up excess product in another container.
  • This can be a bit drying so you need to use a moisturizer under it.
Buy again?
Recommend it?
Absolutely! Only advice is to use a moisturizer under it and a good fluffy brush to blend it in.
The main reasons I decided to purchase a concealer is after I started working and second I badly wanted to try a Smokey eye look!
I don’t think there is any working lady out there who doesn’t suffer with dark circles. Sitting long hours in front of the system, lack of proper sleep and stress all leads to dark circles. For me personally, I do have dark circles but they are not very bad that I have to cover them up every time. But at work I literally spend the whole time on system. Though I do take time to give my eyes a break, the affect it causes is visible. 2 or 3 hours into a working day my dark circles would double up their color and my eyes would end up looking so tired! Also my eyelids are really oily so that too adds up to the horror!Second I happened to try out a Smokey eyes look once and it ended up looking like somebody punched my eyes! It gave my hubby a real shock and non-stop laughter afterwards!! Of course what else could you expect when you are trying to darken your lids to create the Smokey effect and your dark circles decide to assist them!And so I thought of giving concealer a try. The first brand I went for was Maybelline (as always). The lady there said the Fit Me concealer in Shade 25 would match me. She swatched and blended it on my wrist to prove her point. It did suit the skin shade on my hands and I asked her I want to try it on my eyes as well. She said that won’t be necessary as the skin on my wrist and face are same! I was not very literate about makeup then as I am now. I believed her thinking Maybelline simply wouldn’t appoint staff unless they knew their job well. I loved the finishing of the product and bought it. But once I got home and tried it………I looked a complete disaster! The color was much lighter than mine! I went back to the store to see the next darker shade and that looked like hot chocolate to me! How can there be such big difference between 2 shades! I really did wish they had my shade because I loved the finishing and coverage of the concealer! Big lesson I learned here: DO NOT TRUST THE MAKEUP STORE ASSISTANTS BLINDLY!!!
Next concealer I went for was from Inglot. I would really like to know how they staff people in a makeup store because when I told her I have yellow toned skin, she had no idea what I was talking about! Anyway she got me their Cream concealer and I tried it on, I really thought I had found my perfect shade here and bought it! But then came the part where you try it in natural lighting! At the first the color looked perfect match, but after sometime it started looking all gray! Also the consistency of the concealer was so thick it made my eyelids feel really heavy! I gave this away to friend who had dry skin and it matched her neutral skin tone well!
To people who spend on budget, you would understand how disappointing and depressing it is when you save up to buy a really good product and then it ends up a failure! After these two events I decided not to just jump into buying just anything because it’s a good brand! I decided I would do a thorough research and trials before I buy again!After lots of research, I found that people with oily eyelids really loved the Estee Lauder Double wear Concealer and MAC Pro Longwear Concealer! And then a friend of mine who is a makeup freak than me recommended me the MAC one.
And that is how I ended up with this baby! I have heard about the store assistants being rude in MAC, so I was kind of nervous going in there. But I was lucky enough to be assisted by this really nice lady! She told me I have yellow skin tone (there! I was relieved to know she knew what skin tones meant) and that I should try a pink under toned concealer (which got me confused). She told me it would help balance out the darkness. I let her try 2 pink based concealers on me. Neither I nor she was satisfied with the results. So she got a yellow based one in NC42 and Voila! That shade felt like it just melted into my skin! I liked the finishing and it did not feel heavy like the concealers I used till now! But also this one was more expensive than the others and from my experience I did not want to jump into buying it right away. I told her I would walk around a little, do all my shopping and see if this stays put. If I am completely satisfied with the results I would come back to purchase. She said no problem and put concealer on my other eye as well so that it would look balanced (how sweet!! I thought she would just let me walk away like that).
And so the concealer stayed in place and did not feel heavy or turn oily and whitish on my skin.  Instead my eye area looked matte and fresh. So I went ahead and bought it.
When applying, this dries out fast so one needs to work with it really fast. Once set, it wouldn’t budge for anything. I did not like the finishing it gave when applied with fingers. Maybe I’m not yet a pro at working with fingers. But once I have started applying it with Sigma Precision Round brush in P82, it goes on like a dream!
It truly gives you a natural matte finish. It just looks like you are wearing nothing after application. The longest I have worn this is for 8hrs and it never moved or creased, it stayed matte all along. You need a makeup remover to remove the product completely. The problems I did face are the pump dispenser and the drying effect. You need a very little amount to work under the eyes but the pump dispenses a lot of product enough for your whole face and neck. It took time to learn to press the pump softly enough to dispense only the product I need. Even then sometimes it still pumps out more so I keep the excess in another pot to use later. After applying I just buff my whole face with my Clarins Everlasting Compact Foundation. Also even though I have oily eyelids, this product is a bit drying so I have to use a moisturizer and vaseline(I use it always like a primer) under it. People with normal to dry skin might find this very drying and will need to use a rich moisturizer.
Overall I really love this product! Do let me know your opinions!



12 thoughts on “MAC Pro Longwear Concealer – Review

  1. Thanks Abi!. I just wanted to know where I could find helpful staff ♡. Btw, when you are usually planning to buy makeup, do you walk into stores without any makeup at all, so that the staff can try it on a clear face?.


  2. Hey…Yes dear, it covers up blemishes as well….about the drying part, if you use a good moisturizer under it, you wouldn't feel much drying effect 🙂 btw do you have dry skin? My mom and sister have too…I applied this for them as well after applying moisturizer and they liked it 🙂
    do go to a mac store and get them to apply it for you and see how you like it? 🙂


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