Back in Action with a Good News!!

Hello everyone!!!
How are you all?
I know….It’s been a long time, 2 months to be exact, that I did any post. I have seriously been missing you all. And I was really moved when some of you send me mails asking why I have disappeared without any warning. So I think you all deserve an explanation.
It has been a life changing time for me. A new adventure in life I would call it and getting adjusted to it was not as easy as expected!! Many of you might have already guessed but I am very happy to announce that….
I am pregnant!!! Alhamdulilah!!
Those who have read my Getting started with Fitness post would know I have been waiting for this a long time. And finally that has happened!!
I was in my 5th week when I knew someone’s growing in there. It all started while hubby and me were hanging out with our friends on weekend, my friend Shahana (one of my best friends since school) noticed I was frequently going to the loo. Wherever we stopped, I wanted to go to the loo first. She told me that she is having a feeling that I might be pregnant. She is herself a mother, and said that this is one of the early symptoms. I was already late by 4 days, but that was normal since my surgery. I was always 4 to 5 days late every month. So, even though my stomach was bubbling with excitement, I kept it down.
I have gone through this situation many times, where I would be late and I would get all excited and test right away only to get a negative result. It would just break me down completely. My husband would always be kind enough to tell me there is no need to worry and when our time comes we would be blessed. My friend had sensed this already and told me take the test but don’t be sad if it comes out negative. So I went ahead and bought a home test kit. When the two lines appeared on the kit (2 lines – if pregnant, 1 line – if not) I thought I’m imagining it. Never in my life until then had I got a positive result so I was shaking it up to see if something’s wrong with it. But then it was two lines and did not change. I was so happy….soooo happy that I stood there stunned for a minute, then launched into a full fledge Michael Jackson dance!!
 First person I blurted it out to was obviously my hubby!! He couldn’t believe it too. He gave me a tight hug and I saw his eyes were full. He couldn’t really speak anything for a moment.
Then I told my sister and mom. My sister jumped up and down showering me with hugs and kisses! My sister is the youngest in my family, and she has always wanted some one younger to play with. So now was her chance.
Next day I went to the doctor. She was also very happy hearing this, she had done my surgery and knew how upset I was. She told me, you went for Umrah and prayed from your heart and now Allah has blessed you. She said this has happened many times in her career where couples having difficulty conceiving would go for Umrah and then were all blessed! She said it all depends on how much sincerely we pray. She took me for a quick scan to make sure baby was in the right place. She turned the monitor to me and pointed at a small dot telling me that’s my baby!!!
Following day my blood test reports came out good and Doctor gave me date for detailed scanning. She told me not to put on too much weight, avoid carrying weight, avoid excess sugary and salty things, papaya, mangoes and pineapple and to give ample amount of rest to the body. She also prescribed folic acid and multivitamins. We came home that day with sweets for all, everyone were happy.
Now I have successfully completed my first trimester. It has been an up and down time for me. Just when I thought I am one of those lucky moms who are not affected by morning sickness, it started coming out one by one. I started feeling so weak, as if I had no energy left in me. While eating food, I could eat only in small portions. Now and then I would feel all nauseated but did not really throw up. Finally during my 7th week I started throwing up. I was burping all the time. I found that chewing something constantly made the burping sensation better and so I was kind of munching something or the other all day. Sudden movements and eating fast made me nauseatic. All day I wanted to lie on my bed. Going to work seemed like a very difficult task. Every morning I would go to work with a grumpy face. All day at work I would be moody. My body would be screaming for rest by the time I reach home. The hormonal changes were also affecting my emotional levels. I would get angry and hurt so easily. I would cry at the silliest things. With all this blogging was out of question!!
 By the final weeks of first trimester, my condition improved. I went for my scanning and saw my baby looking like a kidney bean now. Doctor was all happy with my results and reminded me all instructions once more.
All the difficulties I face is nothing compared to the happiness I feel. Alhamdulilah! I cannot thank Allah enough for this blessing. All I pray now is for getting me and my baby through the whole thing safe and healthy.
In Sha Allah!!



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