Maybelline Fit Me Foundation – Review

Maybelline is a really good drugstore brand and I do have some of my favorite products with them. So, when I saw this foundation in the store, I thought I would give it a try.

I bought this at a Price of AED 61 from Mushrif Mall – Lulu
Maybelline Fit Me Foundation claims to give a Natural, Light to medium coverage that leaves skin the way it was meant to be. Fresh, breathing, flawless
I have oily skin. The lady at the counter told me this suits oily skin and will stay matte.
She tried and finalized that my Shade was 315.
Well, the shade was perfect for my skin and next day I applied it to office. It did not give much coverage but I like the finishing it gave. So I went ahead and bought it!

To give you an idea about it’s coverage, I applied this on my hand where I had done henna. You can see it doesn’t provide much coverage and has a shiny finishing.

But only when I started using it did I start regretting. It just wouldn’t dry on my skin. I powdered it and thought it would eventually dry but no. I felt like it was melting off my face and I had to constantly blot my face. One hour passed and it still felt all heavy. I went to the washroom to investigate. My face looked worn out and oily. I tried applying more powder but it just made my skin look all caked up. Finally I just decided to wash it off! I wanted to murder the lady at the counter, I had specifically asked her if it would suit oily skin. I should have researched more online than believe her blindly. Either she was desperately trying to get sales or had no idea about the products she was selling.

Following days I tried applying it with brush and sponge but I would end up washing it off within 3 hours. And then I started breaking out (Great!!! like whatever was happening till now wasn’t enough).

The price is much lesser than high end brands but still, money is money. And I was just so furious that it went waste. I couldn’t just throw it away. My sister has normal to dry skin, so I told her to give it a try thinking it might suit her more. She said it stayed well on her skin but wouldn’t use it again as it made her skin break out too. I checked out more reviews online and found that oily skinned people hated this. Those with normal-to-dry skin found it suited them and some even said this was their favorite.
The ‘Wow’ factor
  • Budget friendly

The ‘Ugh’ factor

  • A BIG NO for oily skin beauties. It wouldn’t dry and melts off from the skin.
  • It doesn’t stay long and wears off too fast. 
  • Made mine and my sister’s (dry) skin break out.

Buy again?

Recommend it?
Every skin reacts differently to different products. Mine and my sister’s skin broke out doesn’t mean it might be the same for all but I wouldn’t personally recommend this to anyone.



9 thoughts on “Maybelline Fit Me Foundation – Review

  1. Oh dear!!… Sad to hear that. Well, 61 is a decent enough price and it feels bad that it went to waste. I been hearing a lot of positive things about this brand. That's why I was interested in the first place. Am half way done with my Make Up For Ever foundation. If you are willing to go high end on foundation, I would recommend that to you. It comes in a wide variety of colors. You can find one perfect for you. It's 160 bucks. I have a review up on my site. Do read it to know my detailed experience.


  2. Oh that's so sweet…I read your review and found that you have normal to dry skin, so this product might suit you…
    Looks like Makeup Forever foundation wouldn't suit oily skinned people 😦 I am personally thinking of trying Clarins Evermatte Foundation. Heard they are made for girls like me 🙂

    But anyway, thank you so much for your feedback 🙂
    Love 🙂


  3. Oh mY GOd! I have heard people rave about this but now I am never going to get this at all!!! Firstly, the coverage is sheer and secondly, who wants break outs. Nope, am glad this has not launched in India yet. and not going to bother with it. i am using revlon colorstay oil free one, comes in a glass bottle. great coverage and has never broken me out. GOod review, Abidha!


  4. Hello Dear!

    Thank you so much for the invitation. But I am not an expert in makeup field and haven't done that many looks myself. But I did enjoy browsing through your blog and have followed you as well. Keep up the good work!!


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